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    Kia Seltos HTK vs Hyundai Creta E+ Comparison: Which Car To Buy?

    by Jagdev Kalsi Dates: 26 Sep 2019

    Kia Seltos, which was launched in India in the month of August, goes up against the likes of the Hyundai Creta, Renault Duster and Nissan Kicks in the compact SUV space. Clearly, its fiercest competition in this category of cars is the Creta. So, we compare the compare the similarly-priced petrol-manual entry variants of both these cars to find out which of the two cars offers a better deal.


    Kia Seltos HTK vs Hyundai Creta E+


    Before getting into the specifications and features of both the cars, let’s take a look at the prices:


     Price Comparison


    The Seltos’ starting price is lower than the Hyundai’s. Both the Seltos and Creta have one variant priced really close to each other -- Seltos HTK and Creta E+, and we’ll compare these variants.


    Price Difference 


    Looks: Does Seltos look better than the Creta?


    Looks is a subjective matter and it is possible that our opinion may differ from yours. While both the Seltos and Creta get the traditional squarish SUV stance, it’s the Seltos that looks more modern, thanks to the LED light treatment at the front and sharper overall design elements. That said, the Creta still doesn’t look outdated, although it is at the end of its current generation.


    Dimensions: Between Seltos and Creta, which is bigger?


    Since both the Seltos and Creta belong to the same segment, these don’t differ much in terms of size. However, it’s the Seltos that is the longer and wider of the two. Its wheelbase is also longer than that of Creta, but only by 20mm. Longer wheelbase might end up freeing more leg space in the Seltos, but the Creta is taller, and that may impact the headroom that you get inside the car.


    Dimension Comparison 


    Engine: Is Seltos more powerful than Creta?


    The Seltos is available with three engines, a 1.4-litre petrol unit, another petrol engine with 1.5-litre displacement, and a 1.5-litre diesel engine. The 1.4-litre engine of the Seltos is a turbocharged petrol engine, and it makes 140PS of maximum power, making the Seltos petrol the most powerful car in its segment.


    However, the engine on offer on the Seltos HTK is the 1.5-litre, 115PS petrol engine. In comparison, the Creta gets a 1.6-litre unit that makes 123PS of maximum power, 8PS more than the Seltos. In the variants that we’re comparing, both the cars are available with a manual transmission only.


    Specs Comparison


    Features: Which car has more features -- Seltos HTK or Creta E+?


    Before we list down the features that each of these cars offer over the other, let’s take a look at the features that are common between the Seltos HTK and Creta E+:


    Common Features


     Common Features


    So, as far as common features are concerned, both these cars get the basic set of safety tech that you want. Both the cars also get body-coloured exterior elements like bumpers and ORVMs, which means these won’t look stripped on the outside. Features like all-four power windows, tilt steering, rear AC vents, front center armrest, height-adjustable driver’s seat and electrically-adjustable ORVMs mean that there are some goodies to make you feel happy inside the cabin. However, we would have liked to see features like an audio system, center locking, and rear parking camera on this list.


    Unique Features


    Start taking into account the unique features of each of these cars and it starts to become clear that Seltos is the car that one should pick. Over the Creta, at the same price, it offers features like rear parking camera, center locking and a touchscreen audio system with steering-mounted controls. All these features make up the basic set of the goodies that we expect from any car in this segment.


    Apart from the above-mentioned features that the Seltos HTK gets over the Creta E+, it also gets a few more that are mentioned in the table below.


     Kia Seltos Unique features


    In comparison to the Seltos HTK, the Creta E+ gets only three extra features, and none of them are so important that one would miss them in the Seltos HTK.


    Hyundai Creta Unique Features



    The Creta E+ still looks good, gets a marginally more powerful engine compared to the Seltos HTK. However, the Seltos looks more modern, gets more features and doesn’t let down much on the powertrain front compared to the Creta -- a power difference of 8PS is not much in our opinion for cars as big as the Creta and Seltos. Therefore, we can easily conclude that it’s the Seltos HTK that makes more sense over the Creta E+.

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