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    by Mahesh Yadav on Monday, Jan 01 0001

    It is already known that German luxury auto giant Mercedes-Benz is working on a new family of electric vehicles which will be launched under the umbrella of the new EQ brand name. Mercedes-Benz has gone ahead and announced its decision at the LA Auto Show that the company is launching a new brand for its electrified vehicles which is called EQ.

    While running on only hydrogen, GLC F-Cell offers a range of 300 miles, and when driving only on battery power the vehicle offers a range of 30 miles.

    While speaking on the development, Rosario Berretta, the fuel cell development manager at Mercedes-Benz, said that at present, there are only two ways to go fully zero free - battery electric technology and fuel cell technology.

    We know that while both these technologies offer awesome zero emission capabilities, both have their own plus points as well as shortcomings.


    The fuel cell technology, which is considered more sophisticated, offers the freedom from long recharge times and has the convenience of refueling the car in just three minutes, added Berretta. However, the hydrogen fueling infrastructure is still in its nascent stage. The fuel cell cars are also not cost effective. Mercedes-Benz has not yet decided the pricing of the new GLC F-Cell, and the company will not sell it through its conventional retail channels.

    Berretta clarified by saying that the GLC F-Cell will be just for fleet, and that the expected customers are government and business entities. He also said that Mercedes will not build a sedan version of the vehicle, as it would be too expensive to build and the company is not looking at profits with this model. He further said that if the company tries to earn money from selling the car, then it will be far too expensive.


    While speaking on the battery-electric vehicles, Berretta said that they are much more cost-effective and potential commercial models. However, its limitations include the inconveniences of long recharge times and limited range as compared to fuel cell vehicles.

    The GLC will be the first model from the house of Mercedes-Benz that will be offered with a internal combustion engine and all the alternative powertrains which are available on the current market - a plug-in hybrid powertrain with gasoline engine, a pure battery powered electric drivetrain and a Fuel Cell powertrain, which will be launched in early 2019.

    Mercedes chose the GLC model for its upcoming plug-in hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, as it is one of its bestselling models and offers great flexibility to integrate the fuel cell technology.



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