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    2018 Nissan Leaf review: a perfect electric car

    by Monalisa Saha on Tuesday, Jan 30 2018


    The Nissan Leaf is the first mass-produced electric car in the world, and also the top selling EV ever since it was first launched back in 2010. So far, the Nissan Leaf all-electric hatchback has sold more than 300,000 units across the world, and this number is expected to be multiplied with the new generation Leaf. Nissan named this EV as “LEAF” which is abbreviation of ‘Leading, Environmental-friendly, Affordable, Family car’, and the car lives up to its name. This zero-emission car has become all the amazing in its all new avatar, which is packed with all the goodies that the modern EV buyers require. The new generation 2018 Nissan Leaf launched towards late 2017. Here, we take a look at its capabilities:


    The previous Leaf looked just like an EV – small, clean and bit quirky, but the new Leaf looks just like any other regular modern car. It doesn’t look jaw dropping like a Tesla EV for instance, because it is not a luxury EV, but an economical family car. The new-gen Leaf looks neat and appealing as a modern compact car. And yes, it has done away with the bug-eye headlights of its predecessor and replaces them with a stylish new pair.


    The real charm lies on the inside of the new 2018 Nissan Leaf. The car is design to be practical, comfortable and feature rich, and it is exactly so. Its advanced cabin is spacious, has a great built quality and can comfortably accommodate five adults. It also offers a good cargo space, as its battery pack is stored under the seats.


    The new-gen Leaf is highly is loaded with cutting-edge technology which is the primary draw-point of the EV. The leaf packs in techs like the ProPilot, ProPilot Park and e-Pedal.

    The ProPilot is a semi-autonomous driving system which drives the car for a pre-set distance, helps to keep to a lane and bring the car to a halt depending of the traffic.


    The ProPilot Park is an autonomous parking tech that lets the car park itself in a chosen parking space.

    The innovative e-Pedal is a multitasking tech. It combines the accelerator and braking pedal into just one pedal for effortless driving. When one presses it down it works like an accelerator and taking one’s foot off the pedal, the car automatically slow down and applies brakes and vice versa.

    Drive Experience

    The Nissan Leaf is a very smooth, quite and efficient EV. Like all EVs it is very quiet as electric motors don’t create noise like the fuel sipping ones, and has a very quite humming sound. The car is fast as torque is available from standstill position, so no waiting for the torque kicking in. The new Leaf comes with improved battery life and gets a 40 kWh battery offering a range of up to 400km. The Leaf is also very aerodynamic and thus has minimal air drag. On the whole, it offers a pleasurable drive experience.

    India launch

    The Indian government has a vision of electrifying the entire car industry by 2030, and there can be no better car than the Leaf for the Indian market. However, until India has charging infrastructure and government subsidies to support the growth of EVs, Nissan will not launch the Leaf here.



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