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    Geneva Motor Show 2019: 3 Tiny EV concepts that offer a peek at the future green mobility system

    by Monalisa Saha on Tuesday, Mar 12 2019


    Like every year, the ongoing 2019 Geneva Motor Show is also a huge glittering platform for all the new and future cars and concepts from a myriad of auto makers. The Geneva Motor Show is one of the largest auto shows in the world, and the most important one in Europe. Like all of the global auto shows in the last two years, the 2019 Geneva Motor Show comes with a special focus on the future all-electric vehicles and concepts that offer a preview to the inevitable zero emission future global automobile industry.

    In keeping with the latest trend of all-electric is all good is also a trend of minimalistic, tiny EV concepts, which seems to go hand in hand with the sustainable future mobility system. While this year’s Geneva Motor Show showcases innumerable types and forms of electric prototype models that ranged from fascinating, to quirky, to highly practical; some small and tiny electric concepts caught our attention.

    Here are the three top tiny all-electric car concepts from the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. Take a look:

    1.   Honda e Prototype

    Japanese auto major Honda continues to fascinate with its cool, retro-looking and highly futuristic all-electric concepts at several global auto shows. In Geneva, the Honda e Prototype presents the design of simple yet future-ready and functional EV model.

    This compact EV concept is again inspired by the much liked Honda Urban EV concept and again comes with a minimalistic name. The Honda e Prototype offers a preview to how Honda is going to prepare its future EV portfolio. This compact little EV concept comes with its charging point integrated in the middle of its bonnet. The interior is neat and smart and gets an LED system in order to alert the driver about the battery level and much more.

    Honda says that the e Prototype can offer a travel range of over 200 km and comes endowed with a fast charging tech to offer 80% range with just 30 minutes of charge.

     Citroёn Ami One

    This tiny little concept EV car concept has been designed in order to “improve mobility” around busy cities in the future, where it can be used as an convenient and economical alternative to public transport.

    This tiny EV concept, if hits the production could even allow people to drive around the urban streets without a driving license, as it is quite safe and slow.

    The Citroёn Ami One is not a single-seater model as it may sound like, but a two-seater EV prototype that can offer a top speed of 28 mph and a range of 62 miles (100 km) per full charge.

    Citroёn says that the user can control the car’s settings via a mobile app. So, it’s a handy little connected EV.


    Volkswagen ID Buggy

    The VW ID Buggy is not as small as the other two and has the exterior proportions of a mini SUV, but on the inside it is a small 2-seater and is meant to offer great fun rides on the beaches and the likes.

    It is based on the US dune buggy from the ‘60s, and has no doors or roof. The dust beating ID Buggy is based on Volkswagen’s MED modular electric platform and is shown in a funky green shade. It comes with touch controls on its steering wheel, which is a little weird for a car that has no doors or roof and will get all dusty, if it ever comes to the market that is.




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