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    Honda Clarity FCV and Clarity plug-in hybrid – fascinating green cars

    by Monalisa Saha on Thursday, Dec 14 2017


    Electrified cars will certainly completely take over the future auto industry. While the environment conscious people and the pollution haters are happy about the change, the car enthusiasts will simply have to accept the fact that their much loved fuel-run powerful cars will go away and will be replaced by electrified versions. All the auto shows around the world have been showcasing myriad of advanced green vehicle concepts from various automakers. When alternative fuel cars are concerned, the Japanese auto majors are clearly ahead of the others. Honda Motor has been proactive about its technological advancements and its Clarity FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) has been one of the oldest fuel cell vehicles around. Now, the Honda Clarity series is available in all the three versions, namely – all-electric, plug-in hybrid and FCV. The Honda Clarity range also won the ‘Green Car of The Year’ award at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show.

    To showcase its future-readiness, Honda had displayed the Clarity FCV and the Clarity PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) models at the Twin Ring Motegi Circuit in Japan. In terms of design, all the three sustainable avatars of the Honda Clarity look the same, but under their hoods all three are completely different cars with different, yet all environment friendly technologies. The styling of the Clarity is of course highly futuristic as well. The car is spacious with generous dimensions, and Honda claims that the Clarity is the world's first 5-seater FCV sedan. It is wide, low slung and sporty looking with some quirky features. It has sharp styling and bold cuts and creases that not only make it look attractive, but also enhance its aerodynamics.

    The cabin of the Clarity is highly futuristic as well. Its centre console with its floating type design and a plethora of switches look straight from some sci-fi flicks. The car’s gear lever and drive selector are all switches. There is a large storage space which also offers connectivity and charging options, while there’s a whole lot of space despite the floorboard stored massive lithium-ion battery pack.


    The Honda Clarity FCV gets an AC synchronous motor offering 177 PS and 300 Nm, and offers a range of 750 km on a full tank of hydrogen. The tank can hold 141 litres of highly compressed hydrogen gas, and takes only 3 minutes to refill just like petrol cars, but minus the emission. The FCVs emit only H2O, or pure water vapour.

    The Honda Clarity PHEV packs in a 1.5L, 4-cylinder Atkinson Cycle petrol mill, but it doesn’t power the wheels directly and simply generates power for the electric motor which runs the car. As per Honda, the Clarity PHEV can run 100km on pure EV mode.

    There’s even racing avatar of the Honda Clarity FCV, which has shed 300kgs than its standard FCV model weighing 1,890kg, and other alterations to offer great performance and speed. The Clarity FCV race car offers an idea of what future race cars would be like, fast but not polluting.

    In a nutshell, the Honda Clarity is a fascinating green car. However, it would take quite long for such great green cars to arrive in India.



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