MG Hector vs Hyundai Venue: Price & Specs Comparison

MG Hector vs Hyundai Venue: Price & Specs Comparison

MG Hector vs Hyundai Venue price comparison


MG Motor was intending to make its upcoming SUV - the Hector the primary web vehicle of the nation with its iSmart infotainment framework. However, Hyundai then chose to ruin the gathering by intending to dispatch the all-new Venue SUV with its Blue Link framework on May 21. While the dispatch date of the Hector is as yet not uncovered, we realize that MG likewise wants to dispatch it in the period of June. Before the SUVs get launched, let’ have a look at the detailed comparison between the two.

Hector vs Venue Dimension Comparison:



MG Hector

Hyundai Venue


4655 mm

3995 mm


1835 mm

1770 mm


1760 mm

1590 mm


2750 mm

2500 mm


The newly revealed MG Hector measures 4655 mm in length, 1835 mm in width, 1760 mm in height with 2750 mm long wheelbase and 587 liters of trunk capacity. On the other hand, the Hyundai Venue measures 3995 mm in length, 1770 mm in width, 1590 in height, a wheelbase of 2500 mm.



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