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    New 2018 Mini Cooper S facelift – detailed drive review

    by Monalisa Saha on Wednesday, Jun 13 2018

    Mini Cooper Main

    The cars from the iconic British brand MINI have a completely different class of their own. With their diminutive structure the Mini cars are marked apart from the other luxury cars easily. However, the Mini models scores big it quality, sportiness and amazing fun to drive appeal. The Mini brand has been hailed across the globe since the brand’s inception for its cool sporty appeal and superb agility that win the hearts of the driving enthusiasts till date.

    Continuing its legend, Mini launched the new updated 2018 Cooper S recently in the car market of India, and it is certainly a breath of fresh air for the auto enthusiasts here. The new Mini Cooper S feels as sprightly and fierce as ever and is amazingly able in dashing forward and handling even tricky corners.

    When it comes to driving difference, the new updated model is quick to accelerate as ever along with beautiful handling. However, the instinctive sense of balance of the car seems to be a bit out of place in the refreshed model. The controls also don’t feel as quick as before. Nevertheless, the good thing is that now it handles the bumps a lot better.

    The more you drive the new Mini Cooper S facelift model you will also find the car slightly more comfortable when speeding down the roads. It is also a bit better doing the corners at high speed. On the downside, what we felt was that the steering is a bit over reactive and feels too quick to handle smoothly. The ultra-sensitive steering is probably to offer added agility and sportiness, but on the Indian roads the driver needs to be ultra-careful with such a car. However, the bottom line of the Mini Cooper S remains its superb driving experience, and the new version offers every bit of it to floor any motoring enthusiast.

    Mini Cooper Exterior
    Mini Cooper Exterior
    Mini Cooper Exterior
    Mini Cooper Exterior

    The new Copper S comes with a standard 6 speed manual transmission in international markets. This is to please the purists and this is the model that we had a chance to try. Handling an international car (left-hand version) is tough, but it didn’t take much time to get used the wonderful new Mini Cooper S. This was the time that we understood what we miss in the auto version. The Mini is meant for the auto enthusiasts and the manual model is the perfect one for the driving aficionados with much more intense and engaging driving experience. Mini made the new Cooper even more fun to drive with updated engine. The refreshed Cooper S gets a new turbocharger, high-pressure injectors and exhaust system. The engine offers the same power and torque figures – 192 hp and 280 Nm, respectively, as before. However, the engine offers more grunt at lower revs, making it really enjoyable in the low and mid-range. More importantly, the India-spec new Cooper S boasts of a new twin-clutch transmission which much quicker and smoother than the old six-speed gearbox.

    Apart from the mechanical updates, the Mini Cooper S facelift gets new all-LED headlights and new tail lights with a distinctive Union Jack graphics. There is also a choice of customizable and optional features on offer, including 3D-printed parts with your name or anything you like to be stuck on the dashboard, fenders, etc to personalize your car. The customized puddle lights can also be configured to spell your name. The interior has become more up-class along with a new touchscreen infotainment and wireless smartphone-charging among others.

    In short, the new refreshed 2018 Mini Cooper S is an improved contemporary Mini model that you can lay your hands on, and it can be all yours for Rs. 33.20 lakhs (ex-showroom, across India).



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