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    New Mercedes-Benz G-Class gets all luxurious and high-tech

    by Monalisa Saha on Thursday, Dec 14 2017


    The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is an absolute favourite among the hard-core luxury SUV lovers. The G-Class has been wowing the SUV aficionados for almost 4 decades, and its rough and tough traditional boxy SUV looks have been one of its primary attractions. Lovingly called the G-Wagen, the Mercedes G-Class SUV started its life as a true off-roader for the German military and utility companies before becoming a luxury SUV for the masses.

    Although the G-Class continues to retain its boxy looks and rugged appeal, over the years it is shaping up to be a true luxury SUV. The new generation G-Class’ interior will be loaded with highly luxurious signature Merc features, and will be more closely associated with the S-Class. Thus, it will be more of a luxury car than the rough, dirt kicking SUV it is known to be. Nevertheless, the G-Class will retain its hard-core off-road abilities, which will just get more sophisticated with cutting-edge tech.

    It is also said that the new-gen G-Class will get a long-wheelbase Maybach version, which will be a lap of luxury. Moreover, both the V8 G63 and V12 G65 versions are certainly going to come under the AMG brand.

    Although the G-Wagen’s exterior might not look like it has undergone tremendous changes, but its interior will simply show what a massive leap it has taken technologically.

    As per Mercedes, the G-Wagen remains a monstrous off-roader, and is going through rigorous testing in the Austrian Alps around the Graz facility, which will churn out the model like the old version. The new G-Class will retain its ladder-frame chassis, but will mostly use aluminum mix to increase torsional rigidity by around 30 percent and slash down around 350 pounds of weight. However, it will retain the 7,716-lb towing capacity.


    Spy images show that the overhauled G-Class will keep its boxy body and its short overhangs at both ends. The new G-Wagen will have its world debut in Detroit in January, 2018. Its G500 will boast of a 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8 mill, while a new 2.9 liter straight-six turbocharged diesel motor will also be there. The 9-speed automatic transmission will be offered on all models along with the obvious AWD system, while manual transmission will be given a miss.

    As per sources, the new G-Wagen will come with stretched dimensions and offer more spacious cabin. It will have 5.9 inch longer wheelbase, and will also have higher ground clearance. It will get an electromechanical suspension system from the GLE.

    However, the most important upgrade will be in terms of tech. The G-Wagen will get the twin 12.3 inch digital display system from the S-Class and E-Class. One of these fascinating glass-covered displays will be integrated to work as an instrument cluster, while the other will be for the infotainment system. It has very few buttons, and these few ones are made of metal, and some of these will be exclusive for the G-Class.

    The cabin is much neater than before. It gets square air vents in chunky rectangular vent box. The steering wheel is busy with all sorts of controls mounted on it, and small BlackBerry-type track pads on the horizontal spokes to navigate the instrument cluster. There’s Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support, inductive phone charging, two USB plugs, a glass sunroof and much more.



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