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    Skoda Kodiaq – a complete SUV deserving great success

    by Monalisa Saha on Tuesday, Dec 26 2017


    All car models are launched by their makers hoping that that they will become very successful in the market. However, while some of these cars make it really big in terms of sales, others can’t gain their expected success, while many others fail miserably. Nevertheless, there are a few vehicle models which are said to come with pre-destined success with overall good impressive package. One such predetermined success is the Skoda Kodiaq SUV.

    The current global auto market is following the huge trend of SUV models. All the global auto majors are joining the massive SUV bandwagon. The SUV fever has not spared even the mega-luxury auto brands like Rolls-Royce, so it is only natural that Czech maker Skoda won’t be able to avoid the sweeping trend of the SUVs. Skoda however is not new in the SUV field, but it is certainly known better for its stylish and quality sedan models. Skoda’s first full-sized 7-seater SUV model, the Skoda Kodiaq has proved to be well-rounded package that can easily impress the big SUV buyers.

    The Czech automaker chose a brand new design philosophy for the new Kodiaq, which is eventually going get flaunted by the many other planned SUV/crossover models from the house of Skoda. The more compact 5-seater Karoq is the proof that the Kodiaq’s impressive styling is going to be reflected in many more models. The Kodiaq is endowed with a contemporary design language that is imposing, aggressive, stylish and sophisticated all at the same time, but is in no way overdone which makes it look sober to some. The styling exudes the superior quality and premium appeal of the SUV.

    Being a 7-seater model, the Skoda Kodiaq is obviously a big SUV and offers a spacious and comfortable cabin to accommodate 7 occupants. However, it is not as massive as its other rivals in the market and is thus, easier to maneuver in the busy urban areas and hence, can be termed as a city friendly SUV. The downside comes in its not-so impressive third-row space, but it definitely does not deserve criticism. The cabin is very well-appointed and roomy and offers everything that can be expected from a vehicle of its class.  


    The Kodiaq can also be called a tad less powerful SUV on papers, but it does not feel so while driving in general driving conditions. While it does not offer excellent performance, it is offers good allover performance and feels very nice while driving. Its quality built and all the loaded goodies offer a very pleasant drive experience, which makes it a desirable SUV model for most buyers.

    The SUV is an overall highly satisfying vehicle to own when its overall quality and styling are considered. In the international markets, the Kodiaq is available in both petrol and diesel guises. In the European car markets, the most preferred model is the really outstanding 150hp 1.4 TSI petrol variant. The Kodiaq which was quite recently introduced to the global markets has thus, proved to be a high success, which it deserves to be. In India, only time will tell if it will replicate its international success.



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