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    Tata Harrier vs Jeep Compass: Premium SUV Specs Comparison

    by Swati Sanchayi on Thursday, Jun 20 2019

    The Indian car market is brimming with new SUVs as the SUV segment is booming incredibly in the country. There are many new SUVs in India, which are superb in quality, practicality, and looks and have become highly established within a short time of launch.

    Tata Harrier vs Jeep Compass price comparison


    We are going to pitch two such compact premium SUVs here, namely the Tata Harrier and the Jeep Compass.

    The Tata Harrier is the newer model among the two. It comes from the homegrown auto major Tata Motors and is highly praised for its superior, premium quality and aggressive pricing. The Harrier is based on the Omega platform of the Tata Motors-owned Jaguar Land Rover's D8 architecture. The handsome Harrier is also packed impressively with great features and the latest techs for amazing off-roading performance.

    The Jeep Compass, on the other hand, is the first locally made Jeep model in India. The FCA owned iconic American SUV brand needs no introduction. The Compass is a patent Jeep product that comes with all the world-famous qualities of the Jeep, meaning super strong and safe built quality, extensive safety features and top-notch off-road capabilities.

    Here is a brief specs comparison of the Tata Harrier Vs the Jeep Compass:

    Tata Harrier vs the Jeep Compass: Dimensions Comparison



    Tata Harrier

    Jeep Compass

    Length (mm)



    Width (mm)



    Height (mm)



    Wheel Base (mm)



    Ground Clearance (mm)




    Going by the above comparison, it is clear that the Harrier is a larger vehicle than the Compass in all the aspects. The Harrier also has a longer wheelbase, meaning better interior space along with higher ground clearance, which means enhanced off-road capabilities.

    Tata Harrier vs the Jeep Compass: Powertrain Comparison

    As the Tata Harrier is still a diesel-only model, we are comparing only the Jeep Compass’ diesel powertrain with it.



    Tata Harrier

    Jeep Compass Diesel


    2.0 L

    2.0 L


    138 bhp

    171 bhp


    305 Nm

    305 Nm


    6-speed MT

    6-speed MT


    Both the Harrier and the Compass get powered by the same FCA derived diesel engine that is highly acclaimed for its quality. Thus, performance-wise both the SUVs should be the same. However, in the Compass the engine offers more power figures as compared to the Harrier. As the Compass is smaller than the Harrier and comes with more power, it should be quicker than the Harrier.


    Tata Harrier Vs the Jeep Compass: Price Comparison


    Tata Harrier

    Jeep Compass

    Rs. 13.0 Lakh – Rs. 16.8 Lakh

    Rs. 16.60 Lakh – Rs. 22.90 Lakh


    Again, as the Harrier is a diesel-only model, we have compared its price range with that of the Compass’ diesel variant price range. The Harrier is available in 4 variants, while the Compass diesel is offered in an extensive 13 variants in India.

    As is apparent from the comparison, the Tata Harrier is a cheaper model than the Jeep Compass. The top-end trim of the Harrier is a good Rs. 53,000 cheaper than the base model of the Compass, while the base model of the Harrier is Rs. 3.61 lakh cheaper than the base Compass model.



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