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    Top special things about the Rolls Royce Phantom VIII, the most expensive car in India

    by Monalisa Saha on Monday, Apr 16 2018


    The latest Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII is the flagship model of the ultra-luxury, celebrated British car maker. One doesn’t have to guess much that this top RR model is also the most expensive car available in the Indian market. Apart from its whopping Rs. 11.35 crore price tag for the long wheelbase model there are several other things that make this car ultra-special. Here are some of them for you to check out:

    The protected Spirit of Ecstasy

    Thieves get good price for luxury badges, and the Spirit of Ecstasy is an epitome of a luxury badge, looking as good as a super expensive show piece. This Flying Lady hood ornament has a spring-loaded mechanism which retracts it into a compartment of the radiator grille with any application of force.

    Sensor-touch Automatic Doors

    The Phantom VIII comes with touch-sensitive door mechanism. All the four doors can be opened with the door’s automatic whispering close feature by only a soft touch on the door handle.

    Glass Enclosed Dashboard

    Meant to be a lap of luxury for the rich and famous, the new-gen Phantom VIII comes with its own painting gallery. It’s fabulous glass encased dashboard can display some very highly regarded paintings or other artworks. All the necessary infotainment elements and driver assistance systems come in a single glass encasement stretching across the whole dashboard.

    Satellite Empowered Transmission

    The car’s massive 6.75L V12 engine gets paired with ZF-sourced 8 speed automatic transmission and rear wheel drive system. This dynamic gearbox has a GPS receiver which optimizes the gearshift timings as per the road and driving conditions.

    Super Silent Cabin

    All RR models are known for their heavily insulated, silent cabins. The new Phantom VIII’s cabin gets a whopping 130kgs of insulating materials that makes it literally a external sound proof car. It boasts of world’s most silent car cabin.


    Super Luxurious Cabin

    The super plush cabin of the Phantom VIII looks like that of a luxury yacht. Everything is obviously top-notch and extremely sophisticated. Upholstery is made out of pure bullhide, not cowhide, as cows get stretch marks and that is unfit for making the impeccable upholstery of the Phantom. All the wood veneer in the cabin is kept in humidified chambers in velvet to prevent even minuscule cracks and scratches. It takes around 17 days to finish the cabin of a single Phantom unit.

    Truly handmade

    Rolls-Royce being mega-bespoke believes in handmade perfection and exclusivity. Most of the car assembly work and even the famous engine are fully handmade, which is a rare thing in the modern times. A bare minimum four robots in the Rolls-Royce factory, is unthinkable by the mass-market car makers. When automakers use stickers for pin-striping, Rolls-Royce employees paints the pinstripe using a paint brush made of squirrel-hair. Thus, Rolls-Royce can roll-out only around 500 units of the Phantom VIII.

    Fully Tailor-made

    The Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII is highly custom made, thus, each unit is unique. There are 44,000 exterior color options and similarly uncountable options for interior color scheme, trims and materials. Rolls-Royce studies its clients closely and builds a truly custom-made Phantom VIII to suit the customer’s tastes and pays attention to the minutest of details, all of which make the Phantom VIII worth the whopping price for each and every buyer.



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