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    Nissan Note e-Power caught testing in India

    by Monalisa Saha on Saturday, Dec 16 2017


    It is known that the Japanese auto major, Nissan is one of the global automakers which are considering launching their EVs in India. Nissan announced earlier this year that the company is studying the feasibility of launching the Note e-Power in the Indian car market. Now, the Note e-Power has been caught by the spy shutterbugs, confirming the fact that Nissan is indeed preparing to launch the Note e-Power in India and has commenced the test round of the model in the country. The electric Note hatch was spotted by an auto enthusiast in Tamil Nadu.

    The Nissan Note e-Power hatchback is a distinctive electric hatch model. It gets a range extender in the form of a petrol mill and works like a cross between the hybrid and an all-electric car. The Note e-Power packs in a 1.2 litre, 3 cylinder petrol mill which actually does not generate power to drive the wheels directly, but works like the power generator for the electric motor that is capable of offering 108 hp of power output and  actually propels the car’s front wheels. This setup removes one of the disadvantages of an electric car, that is, the requirement to plug it in plug-in to a wall socket for its battery pack to be charged. This makes the Note e-Power primarily practical for the markets where charging network for the electric vehicles are lacking, such as the car market of India.

    This exactly why Nissan thought the Note e-Power hatchback would be a very feasible model for the Indian market at the moment, as in India the charging infrastructure is currently non-existent. Moreover, this setup is also claimed to be amazingly frugal, as per the Japanese auto major. Nissan claims that its Note e-Power can run for 37 kilometers per each liter of petrol consumed.

    Nevertheless, even though the Nissan Note e-Power has commenced testing on the Indian roads, it remains unclear still now when actually it will actually launch in our country. This is because the India government still does not have very encouraging subsidies for the greener vehicle models to be sold well in the domestic market. It also remains to be seen how the government would classify the Note e-Power, should it launch in India. This is a very important point, as the classification between hybrid and electric vehicle makes a big difference on how the taxes would apply on the car. nissan-note-e-power-4-933x569

    Under the current GST structure, the hybrid cars come under the 43 percent tax bracket while the all-electric cars are taxed in a considerably lower 12 percent slab. The range extenders are conventionally classified as hybrid models, due to the usage of a petrol mill, but as per the sources close to the development Nissan is discussing with the Indian government bodies to consider the Nissan Note e-Power as an EV, as its propelling power comes from the electric motor.

    Nissan is also considering bring in the new generation model of the most popular Leaf all-electric hatchback model to India.


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