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    Nissan to design upcoming cars for the Indian market locally

    by Monalisa Saha on Friday, Aug 10 2018


    Nissan has had the advantage of a large manufacturing facility right from the time of its first established in the vast auto industry of India. The Japanese automaker has ever since slowly ventured into several popular segments of the Indian auto market such as hatchback, sedan, premium sedan and SUV. Nissan also has quite a few capable models in the Indian car market. Nevertheless, the Japanese company could never make a strong presence in the highly competitive and profitable car market of this country. Nissan also tried to crack the entry level market of India with the introduction of its low-cost brand – Datsun. However, Datsun also could not impress the Indian buyers and is unable to rake up significant sales volumes. Despite all the failures, Nissan is not sitting quietly and is now pulling up its socks with its extensive new market strategy for India.

    According to the Senior Vice President of Global Design at Nissan, Alfonso Albaisa, there are actually many reasons behind the fact why Nissan’s products couldn’t click in India, and one of these many factors is design. By design, it doesn’t mean that Nissan products have bad design, but there are limitations when the platform possibilities are concerned. Moreover, the Nissan cars do not of have enough local inputs to make them considerably India specific models to really appeal to the taste and preferences of the Indian car buyers, who are getting increasingly conscious about the entire car quality.

    Hence, the Japanese car maker is working very seriously in order to quickly build up its local design studio. While addressing the media personnel at a recent event in Chennai, Albaisa said that he really wants to design cars in India, indicating the company’s intentions as part of its future business strategy for the Indian car market.

    While explaining more, Albaisa added by saying that the upcoming Nissan design studio in India will be responsible for handling two types of projects. The first, where the project might have been designed in any other place, but it will be further tweaked and developed here in India. On the other hand, the second type of project, where the entire design is created in India and the designs are India specific. He also said that the company is rapidly going to initiate such projects which specifically for the Indian car market. Hence, there also will be downstream activities such as production engineering design, while there will also be upstream activities such as concept creation from the scratch, exterior and interior design and colour design as well.

    In the answer to the question to Albaisa – whether he thinks that the next big global designer could come up from India, he said that the company already has not one but two designers from India who have designed Nissan’s global vehicle models; namely - Ajay Panchal who designed the 350Z, and Hiren Patel who created the design for the popular Nissan Navara, and is currently busy designing a new upcoming model as well.


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