Honda India introduced BR-V in 2016 and further strengthened its foothold in emerging SUV market by launching WR-V on 16th March.  If Honda Cars India goes through with the introduction of the Honda HR-V, It will complete Honda Cars SUV line-up in India. The abbreviation HR-V, according to Honda's website, officially stands for Hi-rider Revolutionary Vehicle, while the other stands for Hip and Smart Runabout Vehicle.

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The Indian government has a vision of a future automotive industry that comprises of all electric cars by the year 2030. Owing to the encouragement of the government many global auto majors are planning to launch their electric vehicles (EVs) in India. Japanese auto maker, Nissan is one of these car makers. Several reports have been saying that Nissan is pondering over the Indian launch of its very popular Leaf all-electric hatchback. Nissan has also said th... Read More


Mercedes-Benz has gone ahead revealing the production version of its highly speculated X-Class pickup truck in South Africa. The Mercedes-Benz X-Class is the first pickup truck model from the house of the German luxury auto giant. Mercedes-Benz is touting the brand new X-Class as the first premium pickup truck in the world.

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