Honda India introduced BR-V in 2016 and further strengthened its foothold in emerging SUV market by launching WR-V on 16th March.  If Honda Cars India goes through with the introduction of the Honda HR-V, It will complete Honda Cars SUV line-up in India. The abbreviation HR-V, according to Honda's website, officially stands for Hi-rider Revolutionary Vehicle, while the other stands for Hip and Smart Runabout Vehicle.

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Japanese auto major, Nissan has decided to present its new Leaf electric car in a sportier avatar at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. For this, Nissan has employed its motorsports and racing division, NISMO to work on its popular Leaf all-electric hatchback.

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Supercars are the ultimate fantasy of many machine lovers, but as these are super expensive as well, most can’t afford them. The high-end luxury cars and supercars are meant for the rich and the famous. These fantastic machines on four wheels also look so amazing that they seem to be more suitable for superheroes to be driven around rather than regular human beings on the roads, no matter how rich. Now, there’s one straight from the comic books’ pages who se... Read More