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In this fuel cost calculator, you can check and compare the average daily, monthly, and yearly fuel costs of a petrol car, a diesel car or truck or a CNG vehicle and compare it with another vehicle of a different fuel type. You can also edit the fuel price to better align it with your local gas station or fuel station and enter the fuel efficiency or gas mileage figure to get a daily, monthly and yearly estimate of the fuel (petrol, diesel, CNG) cost in India.

The India fuel price mentioned on this page is for representation only. You can change it to reflect a more accurate value in your region

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Fuel Cost Calculator FAQs

In our fuel average calculator tool for India, you just need to enter the approximate mileage or fuel economy you expect from your car and the distance you intend to travel for the trip. If you select the Daily tab, then the daily fuel cost in the table below will show the cost of fuel for your trip.

There are a few benefits of using a fuel (petrol, diesel, CNG) cost calculator India, such as:

  • Helps you plan your trip budget: Knowing the estimated average cost of fuel for your trip can help you plan your budget and expenses accordingly.
  • Helps you save some cash: If our fuel cost calculator encourages you to choose a fuel-efficient vehicle, then you also save money on fuel costs.
  • Helps save the planet: Choosing a fuel-efficient vehicle also means you will burn less fuel during the trip. So, you also end up saving the planet.

Here are the steps to calculate the petrol/diesel/CNG cost for a single trip:

  1. Find out the average cost of petrol or diesel fuel per litre in your city or locality. For CNG, which sells by weight, you'll need the cost per kilogram.
  2. Second, you need the fuel economy mileage or the distance you are expecting the car to cover in one litre of fuel. For petrol or diesel cars, this value is in kmpl and for CNG cars, it’s in kmpkg.
  3. Once you have the gas mileage and fuel cost, divide the fuel cost by mileage to get the cost of fuel per kilometre.
  4. Finally, multiply the cost per kilometre with the distance you intend to cover during the trip. This will give you the final fuel cost you might incur for your road trip with your gasoline, diesel or CNG car.

To calculate the per-kilometre fuel cost, you need to divide the fuel cost in your area by the gas mileage or fuel efficiency you're getting or expecting from your vehicle.

Formula to calculate fuel cost per kilometre: Fuel cost per Kilometre = fuel cost (petrol/diesel/CNG) per litre/mileage or fuel economy.

The final fuel price you pay at the fuel station depends on several factors such as:

  • Crude oil price per barrel in the international market
  • Currency exchange rates against the US dollar (Only applicable for countries other than the USA)
  • Local taxes depending on country- and region-specific policies
  • Shipping costs to your fuel or gas station
  • Fuel additives such as detergents, ethanol, stabilisers, and antifreeze specific to the climatic and driving conditions in India