RIP: Entry-level petrol & diesel luxury cars

V3Cars reviews the newest Mercedes-Benz electric SUV and our editor, Jagdev, thinks that cars like the EQA can be the reason for the demise of the entry-level luxury petrol and diesel cars.

The car in question is the EQA 250+ electric SUV, which is priced at Rs 66 lakh. Besides explaining why and how this car can be a super alternative to its ICE counterparts, we also tell you about its performance, exterior-interior details and important features.

The Mercedes-Benz EQA’s powertrain makes 190PS of maximum power and 385Nm of peak torque. It is claimed to deliver a range of 560kms on a full charge, and our first drive report in this video suggests that it should be able to deliver at least 400kms of actual real-world range.