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Buying a new car is one of the most significant events in life! Usually, a new car is one of the most expensive things that an individual will purchase in their lifetime! One ends up having a dream experience if they buy the right car from the right place along with a good discount!

Tips To Buy New Car In India

Yes, discounts are available on brand-new vehicles! There are multiple things you can do to ensure a hassle-free experience. To make things easy for everyone, we have compiled a few tips for buying a new car in India.   

Narrow Down Your Options

India's new car market currently offers plenty of vehicle choices across brands and segments. So, deciding which one meets their requirements can confuse a new car buyer. Hence, the first step is to fix a budget. The next step should be to decide which body style is more suited to your daily needs. For example, a hatchback will be ideal for city commutes while an MUV will be ideal if the vehicle will need to carry multiple occupants on a daily basis.

Research The Brand And Models

Once you have shortlisted the vehicles that you find appealing, spend time researching and reading up on them. All brands and models have their strengths and weaknesses. Some are known to be supremely reliable with high-quality parts that last long and command a strong resale value, while others may offer several feel-good features but aren’t as reliable in the long run. Don't forget to research the common issues and maintenance costs of the shortlisted brands or models. Also, check which models are likely to be discontinued in the near future and avoid buying those as the resale value could be poor. Once you are aware of such information, you will be able to make an informed decision. 

Expected Ownership Cost

Buying a new car is only the initial cost. You will have to budget for regular expenses, such as insurance, maintenance, and fuel. Also, take into consideration the kilometers that the vehicle will clock annually and the expected fuel cost. This will help you decide whether a petrol, diesel, or CNG vehicle will fit your purpose. So, do thorough research which will give you clarity on what the regular expenses will be.


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Visit Multiple Dealerships 

The customer experience varies from one dealership to another. Some dealerships will have better facilities and courteous staff and will be more welcoming to your queries and specific requirements. The dealership experience will give you an insight into the kind of customer service you can expect post purchasing the vehicle. Also, the vehicle price, the waiting period, and the colors available for immediate delivery will vary across dealerships. So, take your time in comparing and accessing the dealerships before making a decision.  

Take A Long Test Drive 

Never finalize a purchase decision before taking a long drive. It is vital to test drive the vehicle on your regular routes as you will be able to spot what works and what doesn’t easily. Drive it in the congested areas of the city, check how easy it is to park, and also take it on the highway to get a thorough idea of what living with it will be. Take along a friend as they will be able to highlight things that you might have missed. Also, let your friend take the wheel and check the rear seat experience. 

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Get The Best Deal Possible

In order to make a sale, the salesperson will use different tactics. Some of the most common ones go like “this offer is only for today”, “booking today will get you free accessories”, “next week prices will rise”, “we only have this in stock”, “a different color/trim will take 4 weeks to arrive from the factory”, and so on. Do not get uncomfortable if the salesperson is pushing to make a sale. 

Instead, use it as an opportunity to get a better deal. For eg, research and then state that another dealership is offering a lower price and giving accessories for free along with loyalty and exchange bonus. Check online for insurance deals and get it done yourself as dealerships tend to charge a hefty premium for new car insurance. Dealerships are always under pressure to meet sales targets and tend to offer better deals around the last week of the month or in non-festive months. Usually, most dealerships offer cash discounts on some of their models every month. So, you must research and use this to your advantage. 

Dealerships make a decent sum of money by trading in the current vehicles of prospective new car buyers. You must visit a few used car dealers to find out the current market value of your old car. This will give you a fair idea of its worth and will help you negotiate a better deal with the new car showroom. The showroom will also offer an exchange bonus for trading in your car along with a loyalty bonus. Do check which offer suits you best and choose accordingly.     

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