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In this article, we will tell you what all information is written on your car tyres and how to read it. For better understanding, you can take reference from the images used below, which are a representation of how information is written on tyres.

Car Tyre

There are usually a lot of details written on a tyre, such as the brand’s name, country of origin, some specific warnings, etc. Here, we will only focus on one phrase written on the tyre, which tells about its dimensions and capacity. A tyre with written information will look like the one in the image above. The tyre in the image has the following text:

235/55 R 19 94 W

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Let us understand them one by one.

  1. The first number 235, indicates the width of the tyre in mm. In this case, the part of the tyre in contact with the ground is 235mm wide.
  2. After the slash, we see another number which can range between 0 and 100. This indicates the size of the sidewall of the tyre. This is the measure of the tyre between the rim and the surface. The number written is the percentage of the width of the tyre. In this case, the tyre’s sidewall is 55, which means 55% of 235mm. By calculation, the sidewall of the tyre turns out to be 129.25mm. A higher sidewall usually means better ride quality but poor handling. On the other hand, a lower sidewall means a stiffer ride but better handling.
  3. The R indicates that the tyre is of radial construction. Almost all the new tyres sold in the market for are radial.
  4. The next number is the size of the rim in inches. In this case, the tyre is made for a 19-inch rim.
  5. The next number is the tyre’s rating for its load capacity. This number ranges between 50 and 122 depending on the type of vehicle. In this case, the tyre has a loading capacity of 670kg. You can refer to the image below to know how much weight a tyre can carry.

Car Tyre Details

  1. At the end is a letter, which indicates the tyre’s rating for speed. It tells you how much speed the tyre can sustain without any overheating or other problems. In this case, the tyre has a W rating, which means it can go as fast as 270kmph. You can refer to the image below to know how fast a tyre can go.

Car Tyre Details

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