Safest Cars Under Rs. 6 Lakh For Low-Budget Buyers

Safest Cars Under Rs. 6 Lakh For Low-Budget Buyers

We have curated a list of cars for you because you are on a strict budget and you value safety more than everything else.

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Note: The adult safety score is out of 17 while the child safety score is out of 49. GNCAP then condenses the score into a star rating for easy understanding. To maintain consistency, this list only includes made-in-India cars tested by Global NCAP.

1. Tata Altroz

Tata Altroz

Time and time again, we see the Tata Altroz finding a spot in our top safety picks regardless of the price point. After all, its 5-star score beats even the Kia Seltos, which only managed to score 3 stars with the 2 airbag variant and costs about twice as much. The Tata Altroz from Tata got a clean 5-star adult safety rating with a score of 16.3 out of 17. Its child rating stands at 3 stars with a score of 29 out of 49.

With a shoestring budget, you’ll have to settle for the base XE variant, which is pretty barebones. But, here’s the good news: this thing carries an extremely aggressive price tag. You’ll have to set some cash aside for the accessories and that’s okay. Because you can accessorize the car even a couple of years after you buy it. The one thing you can’t change is the platform or chassis. This is an incredibly sensible purchase for a safety-conscious buyer who wants nothing but the best for under Rs. 6.0 lakh (ex-showroom).

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Tata Altroz - Variants Under Rs. 6 Lakh


Price (Ex-showroom)

XE 1.2L Petrol Manual

Rs. 5.8 lakh


2. Tata Tiago & Tigor

Tata Tiago

The Tata Tigor and Tiago share the frame and carry a score of 12.52 for adult safety and 34.15 for child safety. The final safety rating of these cars is 4-star for adults and 3-star for children.

If the Altroz is too basic for you and 4 stars are enough, then the Tiago and Tigor twins will meet your needs much better. These cars will offer plenty of creature comforts. With the Tiago, you can either pick the fully-loaded variant or grab the mid-spec trim with the automatic transmission. Comfort or convenience - your call.

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Tata Tiago - Variants Under Rs. 6 Lakh


Price (Ex-showroom)

XE 1.2L Petrol Manual

Rs. 5.0 lakh

XT (O) 1.2L Petrol Manual

Rs. 5.48 lakh

XT 1.2L Petrol Manual

Rs. 5.63 lakh

XZ 1.2L Petrol Manual

Rs. 6.08 lakh

XTA 1.2L Petrol AMT Automatic

Rs. 6.15 lakh

Here are the prices of the Tigor variants:

Tata Tigor - Variants Under Rs. 6 Lakh


Price (Ex-showroom)

XE 1.2L Petrol Manual

Rs. 5.6 lakh

XM 1.2L Petrol Manual

Rs. 6.2 lakh


3. Renault Triber

Renault Triber

The Renault Triber got 11.62 points in adult occupant safety and 27 points in child safety. It earned 4 stars for adult safety and 3 stars for child safety.

Please note that GNCAP tested the 2-airbag version of the Triber. So, if you buy a higher variant with side airbags, you will get a car with a slightly better safety rating than projected in these scores.

The Triber’s practicality and value proposition are impossible to ignore. Whether you look at it as a 7-seater for the price of a hatchback or consider it a hatchback with a humongous boot - it’s unbeatable. The only thing that bothers us is its engine. If you frequently haul 7 occupants or drive on the highways or carry 7 occupants on the highways - you will find the 1.0-litre engine underwhelming. For such use cases, it deserves to borrow the 1.0-litre turbo petrol engine from the Kiger.

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Renault Triber - Variants Under Rs. 6 Lakh


Price (Ex-showroom)

RXE 1.0L Petrol Manual

Rs. 5.49 lakh

RXL 1.0L Petrol Manual

Rs. 6.13 lakh


4. Ford Figo

Ford Figo

Finally, we have the Ford Figo. It uses the same platform as the Aspire. Therefore, the Aspire’s crash test results are also applicable for Figo. But only the Figo’s base trim will fit in your 6-lakh budget.

Figo and Aspire got 10.49 for adult safety and 14.22 for child safety. The Figo and Aspire’s final score stands at 3 stars for grown-ups and 2 stars for kids. Note that this result is for the 2-airbag model. If you grab the top-spec 6-airbag variant, then your car will have a much better real-world safety rating, especially for side impacts and rollovers.

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Ford Figo - Variants Under Rs. 6 Lakh


Price (Ex-showroom)

Ambiente 1.2L Petrol Manual

Rs. 5.82 lakh


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