Today's Petrol Prices In India - July 25, 2024

Wondering "what is the petrol price today in India"? Look no further! This page keeps you updated on the latest petrol prices across major Indian cities (as of July 25, 2024). We understand petrol prices can fluctuate, so we offer a daily updated petrol price chart to help you stay informed. Explore variations in petrol cost per liter across different cities and discover the current petrol rate in India. In general, the price of petrol in India is relatively high compared to many other countries, primarily due to high taxes levied by the government. Today on July 25th, 2024 the price of petrol in your city (New Delhi) is ₹94.72 per liter.

Petrol Prices In Metro Cities
(Jul 25, 2024)

State-wise List For Petrol Price

Andaman and Nicobar Islands 82.42₹/L 0.00
Andhra Pradesh 109.55₹/L +0.09
Arunachal Pradesh 93.23₹/L -0.03
Assam 97.90₹/L +0.01
Bihar 106.21₹/L +0.02
Chandigarh 94.24₹/L 0.00
Chhattisgarh 101.64₹/L +0.02
Dadra and Nagar Haveli 92.69₹/L 0.00
Daman and Diu 92.69₹/L 0.00
Delhi 94.72₹/L 0.00
Goa 96.54₹/L +0.08
Gujarat 94.87₹/L -0.08
Haryana 95.26₹/L -0.04
Himachal Pradesh 94.66₹/L +0.05
Jammu and Kashmir 98.10₹/L 0.00
Jharkhand 98.56₹/L +0.01
Karnataka 103.33₹/L -0.02
Kerala 106.28₹/L +0.05
Madhya Pradesh 107.48₹/L 0.00
Maharashtra 104.75₹/L -0.05
Manipur 99.69₹/L 0.00
Meghalaya 95.91₹/L 0.00
Mizoram 95.00₹/L +0.11
Nagaland 98.13₹/L 0.00
Odisha 102.53₹/L 0.00
Pondicherry 93.72₹/L -0.03
Punjab 96.58₹/L +0.03
Rajasthan 105.63₹/L +0.01
Sikkim 100.50₹/L 0.00
Tamil Nadu 101.80₹/L -0.03
Telangana 107.97₹/L -0.04
Tripura 97.27₹/L +0.03
Uttar Pradesh 95.03₹/L +0.01
Uttarakhand 94.20₹/L +0.10
West Bengal 105.35₹/L +0.09
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Petrol Price In India Chart

This chart provides a comprehensive view of petrol price fluctuations in India's four major metro cities: Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, and Kolkata. The data spans the last 10 days (as of Jul 25, 2024), allowing you to track the trends for petrol prices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Despite getting cheaper oil from Russia, high taxes, refining costs, exchange rates, distribution and transportation costs, and government subsidies contribute to high oil prices in India.