Maruti Suzuki Baleno Pros - Why You Should Buy

After a detailed analysis of the Maruti Suzuki Baleno, we found some pros and cons about the car, which are worth highlighting for a potential buyer. In this article, we will explain the highlights and benefits of the Maruti Suzuki Baleno, which you would appreciate while deciding the car. We’ll highlight all the advantages of the Maruti Suzuki Baleno. We hope this article educates you about the Baleno and helps you make an informed buying decision.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno

Reasonably Priced And Well Equipped

Maruti Suzuki offer the Baleno in multiple variants. They have segregated the features sensibly to provide good value to buyers. For instance, the Baleno offers LED projector headlights with a light guide in all of its variants, save for the base variant. In addition to that, the Baleno also offers auto-folding ORVMs from the second base variant onwards. The base Baleno Sigma costs Rs. 5.99 lakh, which is still reasonable even though it’s Rs. 1.0 lakh higher than what it cost when it first launched.

Well-Equipped Mid Variants

As we stated earlier, Maruti Suzuki have segregated the features very well among the variants of the Baleno. The mid variants of the Baleno offer feel-good features like auto-folding ORVMs with turn indicators, rear spoiler, LED combination rear lamps, rear washer and wiper with defogger, remote keyless entry, rear power windows, and more.

Best-In-Class Fuel Economy

The Baleno comes with two engine options - normal and Smart Hybrid. Both the engine options offer the segment-best fuel economy figures. In addition to that, the Baleno offers the best refinement in the segment. The 5-speed manual gearbox of the Baleno is also one of the slickest in the segment. The normal and Smart Hybrid engines offer a fuel economy of 21.01kmpl and 23.87kmpl respectively.

Wide Service Network And Reliable Mechanicals

Maruti Suzuki have the largest after-sales network in the country. They have presence in both urban and rural areas of the country with dependable support. They also offer reliable mechanicals with the help of shared engines and transmissions. So it’s a lot easier to find a competent mechanic even at an unauthorised neighbourbood garage. Maruti Suzuki also have the widest network of spare part stores. From here, you or your local mechanic can buy authentic spares instead of dealing with aftermarket ones with questionable quality.

Good Resale Value

Maruti Suzuki have sold over 10 lakh Baleno hatchbacks in the Indian market. Cars which are popular among new car buyers tend to hold their value well among used car buyers too. The Baleno will hold its residual value better in the long run compared to its rivals.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno Drawbacks

Those were some of the advantages of the Maruti Suzuki Baleno. However, the Baleno does have its shortcomings, which could be a deal-breaker for some buyers. Some drawbacks of the Baleno are: overpriced automatic transmission, subpar material quality and more. You can refer to the article listed below to gain a better understanding of the pros and cons of the Baleno.

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