Hyundai Creta Petrol Or Diesel? Mileage & Running Cost Comparison

If you’re wondering whether you should buy the Hyundai Creta petrol or diesel then this article will help you come to a conclusion. Here, we’ll take the latest ex-showroom prices of the Creta and look at the price difference. Based on the current petrol and diesel prices, we’ll calculate the kilometres you need to drive the car to recover the higher upfront cost. This should help you decide which engine option of the Creta will work best for you and save you money in the long run. Let’s start with the difference in their ex-showroom prices.

Hyundai Creta

Hyundai Creta Petrol Vs Diesel - Price Comparison

Let’s look at the latest ex-showroom prices of the Hyundai Creta petrol and diesel to see what extra cost you’re paying for the Creta diesel over the Creta petrol.




Petrol Prices


Diesel Prices

E Manual

Rs. 10,87,000

Rs. 1,09,100

Rs. 11,96,100

EX Manual

Rs. 11,81,200

Rs. 1,42,800

Rs. 13,24,000

S Manual

Rs. 13,05,899

Rs. 1,45,801

Rs. 14,51,700

S Plus Knight Dual Tone Manual

Rs. 14,96,400

Rs. 43,900

Rs. 15,40,300

S Plus Knight Manual

Rs. 13,96,400

Rs. 1,50,800

Rs. 15,47,200

SX Executive Trim Manual

Rs. 13,99,500

Rs. 1,43,800

Rs. 15,43,300

SX Manual

Rs. 14,81,100

Rs. 1,50,800

Rs. 16,31,900

SX (O) Automatic

Rs. 17,53,500

Rs. 1,46,799

Rs. 19,00,299

SX (O) Knight Automatic

Rs. 17,70,400

Rs. 1,49,799

Rs. 19,20,199

SX (O) Knight Dual Tone Automatic

Rs. 17,70,400

Rs. 1,49,799

Rs. 19,20,199

For the Hyundai Creta diesel manual, you’re paying between Rs. 44,000 and Rs. 1.51 lakh more than the petrol manual variants.

With the automatic transmission, the ex-showroom price for the Creta diesel is Rs. 1.47 lakh to Rs. 1.50 lakh higher than the petrol.

Hyundai Creta Petrol Vs Diesel - Running Cost Calculation - May 2023

Now, let’s compare the per kilometre fuel cost you’ll incur with both the engine options. For this, we’ll use the latest petrol and diesel prices in Delhi and the official mileage figures as a baseline.







Fuel Price Delhi

Rs. 96.76

Rs. 7.10

Rs. 89.66

Manual Mileage




Manual Cost Per KM

Rs. 5.77

Rs. 1.57

Rs. 4.20

Automatic Mileage




Automatic Cost Per KM

Rs. 5.77

Rs. 0.92

Rs. 4.86

At the current fuel prices, the Hyundai Creta petrol manual will cost you Rs. 1.57 more than the Hyundai Creta diesel manual for every kilometre you drive.

With the automatic, the Hyundai Creta diesel will save you Rs. 0.92 compared to the petrol automatic.

Kilometres To Breakeven With Hyundai Creta Diesel




KM to Recover

E Manual


EX Manual


S Manual


S Plus Knight Dual Tone Manual


S Plus Knight Manual


SX Executive Trim Manual


SX Manual


SX (O) Automatic


SX (O) Knight Automatic


SX (O) Knight Dual Tone Automatic


Depending on the variant, you’ll have to cover 27,895km to 95,823 km with the Hyundai Creta diesel manual to recover the extra price you pay upfront over the Creta petrol.

With the automatic, depending on the variant, you’ll have to cover 1.60 lakh to 1.63 lakh km with the Creta diesel to recover the extra price you pay upfront over the Creta petrol.

Should You Buy Hyundai Creta Petrol Or Diesel?

We’ll need to break down this recommendation into 3 parts:

  • Creta Base Variant: If you’re considering the base model of the Hyundai Creta and intend to cover 65,000km or more, then the Creta diesel is a good option. It has the least price premium between petrol and diesel among all variants of the Creta.
  • Creta Manual: If you’re buying the Creta diesel manual, then you’ll have to drive the car for about 66,000km to 93,000km to recover the higher cost you paid for the diesel engine over the petrol model. So, it makes financial sense to buy the diesel variant if you intend to cover about 1 lakh kilometres.
  • Creta Automatic: Creta diesel automatic buyers have a bigger km-to-breakeven figure of more than 1 lakh kilometres. The reason behind this large figure is the lower mileage figure of the Creta diesel automatic. The torque converter type of automatic is quite inefficient, especially in stop-and-go traffic. Meanwhile, the CVT automatic of the Creta petrol performs efficiently in all conditions. Given the 6-figure km-to-breakeven number of the Creta diesel automatic, we’ll suggest this option only to those who are planning to drive the car for 1.5 lakh kilometres or more.

You can use our Fuel Cost Calculator to see how any petrol, diesel or CNG car will cost to run based on the latest fuel price in your city.

Fuel Cost Calculator in India


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  1. A A Ravi Kumar says:
    March 09 2022 22:01:14

    CRETA SX Automatic is the best buy, keeping in view the city traffic conditions. However, mileage differs from city to city. I get a mileage of 7-8.5 in city driving and 10-11 in highway driving. If the road conditions are good then prefer Verna over Creta. If the road condition is bad with lot of poth holes then any SUV is ok. But i am for Hyundai only.

    April 11 2022 15:25:02

    My monthly driving of car is 1000 km to 1200 km. Now I plan to buy a new creta. Which creta will be better for me diesel or petrol version ?

  3. S Sunil says:
    May 13 2022 10:11:09

    You should buy petrol one

  4. V Vishal Thakral says:
    August 02 2022 22:10:57

    Planning to buy creta sx optional 2021 with 10000 kms already driven. At what price it is advisable to buy?

  5. K Kamal says:
    September 23 2022 10:27:47

    What should be the price for creta sx petrol automatic 2019 with 10000km. done ?

  6. S S K Sahay says:
    February 15 2023 14:09:36

    Now as all the Safety features are available from the Base variant. Which will be the most value for variant for Petrol Manual ? - SX Executive OR S+ Knight Edition

  7. J Jayant Malhotra says:
    February 15 2023 19:33:05

    Which creta variant is better to buy if price doesn't matter ....diesel or petrol, manual or automatic .....preferably in White colour

  8. k khushalkumar says:
    February 23 2023 21:33:54

    I want to buy Creta and and planing to keep it for more than 10 years, daily driving is in city 30-40 kms and long drives 2-3 times a year. which should i prefer, Diesel or Petrol?

  9. R Rakshit Chawla says:
    May 09 2023 15:03:27

    Diesel is best

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