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A logo embodies the ambition and characteristics of any brand. It could be a simple insignia of the name of the brand or an innovative artwork that delivers the meaning of the brand. However, sometimes, brands use symbols and shapes of animals and other elements from nature to showcase their identity. One of the most popular animals to feature in car logos is the hors, with multiple auto manufacturers using them in their brand identity.

4 Car Brands With A Horse In Their Logos

In this article, we share the list of most common car brands who feature horses in their logos.

1. Ferrari


Ferrari is an Italian sports car manufacturer based in Maranello, Italy. This Italian carmaker has produced one of the finest supercars like the Ferrari F40 and the LaFerrari. The Ferrari logo features a black prancing horse, the origin of which dates back to World War 1. A young Italian pilot named Francesco Baracca, who was popular for his air combat skills, flew a fighter plane with a prancing horse painted on the side. After his death in 1918, his family gave Enzo Ferrari the permission to use the famous horse emblem.

However, Ferrari made a few modifications before slapping the prancing horse on their range of uber-expensive sports cars. To start with, the face of the horse which pointed towards the left on the fighter plane was moved to face towards the right. Ferrari also added a yellow background for the logo, which is the official colour of Modena, the home of Ferrari. Since then, the Ferrari logo has been a symbol of speed, power and luxury.

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2. Porsche


Porsche is a sports car manufacturer based in Stuttgart, Germany. Founded in 1931, Porsche are now famous for their performance-centric petrol and electric sedans and SUVs. However they are most famous for creating the iconic 911. The Porsche logo features a black horse on the centre of the logo along with Stuttgart branding atop it. Ferdinand Porsche designed the Porsche logo back in 1952 and used the Stuttgart coat of arms as a way of honouring his hometown. Since then, the Porsche logo has been redesigned multiple times but the black horse remains constant across generations.

3. Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang

While the Ford logo consists of a blue oval and Ford lettering, their sub brand Mustang is arguably equally popular. It's not a brand per se but consists of multiple high performance Mustang models, including the all-electric Mustang Mach-e. The inspiration of the Mustang logo dates back to the trip Lee Iacocca took to a Texas ranch where he witnessed a herd of wild galloping mustang horses. Struck by the beauty of those horses, Iacocca decided to use a running horse for the iconic Mustang pony car.

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4. Ford Bronco

Ford Bronco

Like the Mustang, the Bronco is another Ford sub brand. However, unlike the origin of the Mustang logo, the story of the Bronco logo is not documented anywhere. It is rumoured to also have been inspired by the wild horses of the west. In comparison to the galloping Mustang logo, the Bronco logo shows a horse bucking, where it lowers its head and raises its hindquarters into the air while kicking the hind legs out. It indicates the adventurous personality of the Bronco SUV, which made its debut back in 1966. While the Bronco sun brand was discontinued in the 1990s, the carmaker resurrected it in 2020 and also launched the updated Bronco logo.

A Few Honourable Mentions

While there are a couple of other manufacturers that boast a horse in their logos, they are not well known global brands that you and I may know. Hence, we have mentioned them in the honourable list. Furthermore, if you think we missed any brand, you can mention them in the comments below.

1. Kamaz


Kamaz is a heavy-duty manufacturer of trucks, buses and engines based in Russia. Their logo boasts a blue-coloured running horse with the Kamaz branding beneath it. Kamaz are legendary for their rally trucks that participate in the Dakar Rally.

2. Baojun


Baojun is a Chinese auto manufacturer that was established in 2010 to offer cheaper alternatives to General Motors’ (GM) products. Baojun is a part of SAIC-GM-Wuling automobile joint venture that also owns Morris Garages (MG). The Baojun logo boasts the silhouette of a horse along with the Baojun lettering underneath.

3. Eicher Motors

Eicher Motors

Eicher Motors is an Indian automotive manufacturer that manufactures motorcycles and commercial vehicles. Eicher is headquartered in New Delhi and is the parent company of Royal Enfield. The Eicher logo mimics a running horse with its hair flowing in the air.

4. Iran Khodro

Iran Khodro

As the name suggests, Iran Khodro is an auto manufacturer based in Iran. Iran Khodro manufactures Samand, Peugeot and Renault cars and also sells rebadged and redesigned versions under its own brand. The Iran Khodro logo features a horse design on a blue background enclosed within a shield.

5. TVS Motor Company

TVS Motor Company

We reseverved TVS Motor Company for last because it only deals in 2 wheelers. TVS Motor Company is headquartered in Chennai and they are currently the 3rd largest motorcycle manufacturer in India in terms of revenue. The horse on the TVS logo is inspired by the Pegasus, a creature from Greek mythology that was said to have wings and the ability to fly. The Pegasus was also known for its speed and agility, which makes it an ideal symbol for a company that produces affordable but fun motorcycles. TVS Motor Company currently maintains a joint venture with BMW Motorrad and recently took over the British 2-wheeler icon Norton Motorcycles.

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