Blind Spot Mirrors - Feature Explained

Ever feel uneasy changing lanes due to limited visibility? It's a common concern for drivers. Traditional mirrors leave unseen areas, called blind spots, which can cause accidents during manoeuvres like turning or merging. Fortunately, there's a simple solution: blind spot mirrors. These affordable additions to your car's side mirrors significantly increase your field of view, reducing the risk of collisions with vehicles hidden in those unseen zones.

Blind Spot Mirrors

Think of blind spot mirrors as an investment in safety, not just an expense.  For a small price, you gain peace of mind knowing you can see more of the road around you.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Blind Spot Mirrors?

The pros, or advantages, of blind spot mirrors in a car, are:

  • Enhanced Safety: The primary benefit of blind spot mirrors is the increased visibility they provide, minimising the risk of accidents caused by unseen vehicles in your blind spots.
  • Easy Installation: Blind spot mirrors are generally easy to install on your side mirrors, often using adhesive tape or clamps.
  • Affordable: Blind spot mirrors are a relatively inexpensive safety upgrade for your car.
  • Universal Fit: Most blind spot mirrors come in a universal design, compatible with a wide range of car models.

Blind spot mirrors have the following disadvantages or issues:

  • Potential for Adjustment Issues: Improperly adjusted blind spot mirrors might create additional blind spots or distort your perception of distance. Taking the time to ensure they're correctly positioned is crucial.
  • Aesthetics: Some drivers may find the additional mirrors visually unappealing on their car's exterior.
  • Limited Blind Spot Coverage: While helpful, blind spot mirrors don't entirely eliminate blind spots. It's still vital to perform shoulder checks before lane changes.

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What Are Blind Spot Mirrors And Why Are They Important?

Blind spot mirrors, also known as blind spot viewers, are small convex mirrors that attach to your car's outside rearview mirrors (ORVMs). These convex mirrors offer a wider viewing angle, eliminating the blind spots created by the natural limitations of your ORVMs.  Blind spots are zones around your vehicle that are invisible from the driver's seat using only the ORVMS.

By extending your field of vision and eliminating blind spots, blind spot mirrors significantly reduce the risk of collisions with vehicles, cyclists, or pedestrians that may be positioned in these hidden areas. This is especially crucial during lane changes or overtaking manoeuvres.

How Do Blind Spot Mirrors Work?

Blind spot mirrors utilise a convex lens, which curves outwards. This curvature provides a wider viewing angle compared to your car's flat side mirrors.  When properly adjusted, they capture the areas behind and beside your car that would otherwise be invisible, allowing you to see vehicles approaching from these hidden zones.

How To Add Blind Spot Mirrors To Your Car

There are 2 main factors to consider when adding blind spot mirrors:

  • Choosing the Right Mirrors: Look for well-made blind spot mirrors with a good field of view and a weatherproof design.
  • Proper Installation: Meticulous adjustment is key. Ensure the blind spot mirrors are positioned to eliminate blind spots without creating any distortion.

Verdict – Should You Get Blind Spot Mirrors?

While not mandatory, blind spot mirrors offer a significant safety benefit at an affordable cost. They are an excellent addition for any car, especially for drivers who frequently navigate busy roads or those with larger vehicles with extensive blind spots. However, remember that blind spot mirrors are a supplement, not a replacement for proper shoulder checks and vigilance while driving.

Blind spot mirrors can be a valuable tool for promoting safer driving. By understanding their advantages, limitations, and proper use, you can make an informed decision about incorporating them into your car's safety features.

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