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    Hyundai Cars

    Hyundai currently has the following 11 cars on sale in India:

    • Santro
    • Grand i10 Nios
    • Aura
    • Elite i20
    • Venue
    • Verna
    • Elantra
    • Creta
    • Tucson
    • Kona
    • Xcent

    Hyundai competes in the following X segments:

    • A-segment hatchback
    • B1-segment hatchback
    • B2-segment hatchback
    • B2-segment sedan
    • B2-segment SUV
    • C-segment sedan
    • C-segment SUV
    • D-segment sedan
    • C-segment electric SUV

    Hyundai’s 10 cars have a petrol engine, 8 cars have a diesel engine, and all 8 of those are also available with a petrol engine. Hyundai also has an electric car on sale in India. Hyundai currently has more than 1250 dealerships managing sales and more than 1300 service centres spread across the country. Hyundai has a production facility in Tamil Nadu near Chennai.

    In the past couple of years, Hyundai has invested heavily in diversifying its engine and transmission options. Out of the 11 cars Hyundai sells in India, only the Santro, Elite i20 and Kona offer no choice of engines. I20 will soon get an update and join the others to offer 3 engine options. All other cars offer at least 2 engine options - 1 petrol and 1 diesel. 5 of its cars - Nios, Aura, Venue, Verna and Creta - already offer 3 engine options; 1 normal petrol, 1 turbo petrol and 1 turbo diesel.

    Engines are only half the story. Hyundai also has the widest variety of transmission options. Currently, Hyundai has all imaginable transmission options on sale in India in one or the other car. There’s AMT in Santro, Nios and Aura. Hyundai has a 5-speed or 6-speed manual transmission in almost all of its cars. The Venue turbo, Verna turbo and Creta turbo get dual-clutch (DCT) automatic. The Verna, Creta and I20 offer CVT automatic transmission. The Verna diesel, Elantra, Creta diesel and Tucson have a torque converter automatic transmission. The Kona has a single-speed reduction gear transmission. And last but not least, the Venue turbo has a 6-speed auto-clutch manual transmission.

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