5 Accessorised Cars At The Maruti Suzuki Auto Expo 2023 Pavilion

Besides the showstopper EVX electric SUV concept, Maruti Suzuki also showcased some cars with interesting accessory kits and visual differentiations. Here are 5 such cars from the Maruti Suzuki’s pavilion at the Auto Expo 2023.

5 Accessorised Maruti Cars

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1. Maruti Suzuki Swift Sporty Body Kit

The souped up Maruti Swift in red colour caught our attention immediately. It has the following notable additions over the regular Swift:

  • Front bumper splitter
  • Rear bumper diffuser
  • Black accents on bonnet
  • Black accents on C-pillar
  • Rear spoiler
  • Red body colour with black dual-tone roof
  • Racing stripes on bonnet
  • ‘01’ race lettering on side


Besides these changes, the Swift at the Expo is the same as the one on sale with no changes to the powertrain or dimensions.

2. Maruti Nexa Baleno Gold Edition

The Nexa Baleno also looks catchy. It has the following notable features over the regular Baleno:

  • Gold accents on front and rear bumper
  • Gold accents on boot lid bottom
  • Subtle fading black flower pattern below the window line
  • Gold accents on steering wheel
  • Gold accents on all front AC vents
  • Gold-black dual-tone alloy wheels


3. Maruti Nexa Ciaz Gold Edition

Just like the Baleno gold, the Ciaz gold also had some highlights but they weren’t exactly the same as the Baleno. Here are some of its notable additional visual features over the normal Ciaz:

  • Gold accents on front grille
  • Gold accents on boot lid
  • Gold alloy wheels
  • Gold window belt line

For instance, the Ciaz didn’t have any noticeable gold accents in the cabin while the Baleno has steering and AC vents highlighting the golden bits. The Ciaz also gets a golden window belt line, which is not available in the Baleno gold edition.

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4. Maruti Nexa Grand Vitara Matte Edition

The Maruti Nexa Grand Vitara matted edition is pretty straightforward. It has some gloss black and chrome accents around. However, the most notable thing about this car is its matte exterior grey body colour. Mechanically, it remains identical to the normal Grand Vitara with no notable changes.

Grand Vitara Matte

5. Maruti Suzuki Brezza Matte Edition & CNG

Just like Grand Vitara, the Brezza Matte also has a matte grey exterior body colour at the auto show. But there’s one more Brezza at the expo in matte blue exterior colour. This matte blue Brezza is also has the upcoming CNG bi-fuel powertrain.

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