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Jaguar have revealed the Vision Gran Turismo Roadster, their third offering for the popular virtual racing game Gran Turismo 7. It follows other Jaguar Vision GT cars, such as the Vision GT Coupé and the Vision GT SV, which were revealed in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

Jaguar Roadster Vision Gran Turismo

Although the Vision Gran Turismo Roadster all-electric virtual concept car is unlikely to make it to production, it does give us a glimpse into Jaguar’s design direction for the near future.

The Roadster is the open-top version of the Vision GT Coupé with a more subtle design and fewer lines on the body. The car features a deployable fin at the back for added stability at high speed, a throwback to the Le Mans winner Jaguar D-Type from the late 1950s. The fin has an LED-illuminated Union Jack embedded on its side.

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The Vision GT Roadster gets a closed-off grille at the front. The grille features the Leaping Jaguar logo at the centre, flanked by circular LED fog lights on either side a la D-Type. The headlights are swepback L-shaped strips of LEDs. The major highlight of the Jaguar Vision GT Roadster, however, is the single seat, which is very reminiscent of the seat found on the Ferrari SP1 Monza limited edition supercar.

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Jaguar Vision GT Roadster

In terms of mechanics, the Roadster is identical to the Coupé that was released earlier. The battery powers three Jaguar’ Formula-E team-developed electric motors – one at the front and two at the rear. They produce a combined output of a little over 1000PS of power and 1200Nm of torque. The car can hit a maximum speed of 320kmph in the game. The monocoque body of the car also allows an almost 50:50 weight distribution.

Players can now download this car along with the GT SV in the Gran Turismo 7 game, available for PS4 and PS5. The Gran Turismo SV has 4 of the aforementioned motors and hence, is capable of producing almost 1900PS of power. The SV can reach a top speed of 410kmph.

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