September 2021 - Buy Tata Altroz Normal Petrol Or Diesel? Altroz Petrol Vs Diesel Running Cost Comparison

If you’re wondering whether you should buy the Tata Altroz 1.2L normal petrol or diesel then this article will help you come to a conclusion. Here, we’ll take the latest ex-showroom prices of the Altroz and look at the price difference. Based on the current petrol and diesel prices, we’ll calculate the kilometres you need to drive the car to recover the higher upfront cost. This should help you decide which engine option of the Altroz will work best for you and save you money in the long run. Let’s start with the difference in their ex-showroom prices.

Tata Altroz

Tata Altroz Normal Petrol Vs Diesel - Price Comparison

Let’s look at the latest ex-showroom prices of the Tata Altroz 1.2L normal petrol and diesel to see what extra cost you’re paying for the Altroz diesel over the Altroz normal petrol.

Tata Altroz Normal Petrol Vs Diesel Prices

Ex-Showroom Delhi (September 2021)


Normal Petrol Prices


Diesel Prices

XE Manual

Rs. 5,84,900

Rs. 1,19,600

Rs. 7,04,500

XM Manual

Rs. 6,49,900

Rs. 1,15,000

Rs. 7,64,900

XM Plus Manual

Rs. 6,79,900

Rs. 1,15,000

Rs. 7,94,900

XT Manual

Rs. 7,38,400

Rs. 1,15,000

Rs. 8,53,400

XZ Manual

Rs. 7,92,400

Rs. 1,15,000

Rs. 9,07,400

XZ (O) Manual

Rs. 8,04,400

Rs. 1,15,000

Rs. 9,19,400

XZ Plus Manual

Rs. 8,44,400

Rs. 1,15,000

Rs. 9,59,400

Tata Altroz - Normal Petrol Vs Diesel - Running Cost Calculation - September 2021

For the Tata Altroz diesel manual, you’re paying between Rs. 1.15 lakh and Rs. 1.2 lakh more than the petrol.

Now, let’s compare the per kilometre fuel cost you’ll incur with both the engine options. For this, we’ll use the latest petrol and diesel prices in Delhi and the official mileage figures as a baseline.

Tata Altroz Cost Per KM (September 2021)


Normal Petrol



Fuel Price Delhi

Rs. 102

Rs. 12

Rs. 90

Manual Mileage




Manual Cost Per km

Rs. 5.16/km

Rs. 1.25/km

Rs. 3.91/km

At the current fuel prices, the Tata Altroz 1.2L normal petrol manual will cost you Rs. 1.25 more than the Tata Altroz diesel manual for every kilometer you drive.

Kilometres To Breakeven With Tata Altroz Diesel



KM to Recover

XE Manual


XM Manual


XM+ Manual


XT Manual


XZ Manual


XZ(O) Manual


XZ+ Manual


Depending on the variant, you’ll have to cover around 92,000km to 95,000km with the Tata Altroz diesel manual to recover the extra price you pay upfront over the Altroz 1.2L normal petrol.

Should You Buy Tata Altroz Normal Petrol Or Diesel?

If you foresee covering more than 1 lakh km during the vehicle ownership, then you can consider buying the Altroz diesel. Besides the better fuel efficiency, the diesel engine will also give you far superior torque output compared to the normal petrol engine. If you frequently drive on the highways, then you can buy the Altroz diesel as it’ll drastically improve the drivability and highway performance.


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