Mahindra Scorpio-N Interior Review – Features & Usability

In this Mahindra Scorpio-N interior review, we’ll explain the new Scorpio-N’s interior design, features and their usability in detail to help you decide if you should buy this 7-seater SUV. We’ll comprehensively explain the experience of getting in and out of the Scorpio-N’s front and rear seats and the comfort while driving. Our overview of the Scorpio-N’s cabin experience should help you decide if the Mahindra Scorpio-N is a suitable car for you. Please note that we compiled this review after driving the car at the media drive.

Mahindra Scorpio-N

Front Seat Ingress Egress

Grab Handle

There is no denying the fact that the Scorpio-N is a tall vehicle. Hence, getting in and out of the Scorpio-N would not be an easy task for old people. Thankfully, Mahindra have provided side steps and grab handles for easy ingress into the front seats of the Scorpio-N. While exiting the Scorpio-N, short people will have to literally climb down the SUV.

Front Seats Review


The new Scorpio-N gets a dual-tone black and brown interior with beige roof lining. The dashboard is mainly made of hard plastics, but there is a leather trim in the middle with beige stitching. The quality of the plastic, in general, is good. The centre console is sturdy and the fitment of the glovebox is satisfactory.

Centre Console

The glovebox is illuminated and cooled and can fit a 1.0L little bottle along with the owner’s manual. Other storage spaces include bottle holders on front doors and storage space under the front armrest that can fit a phone and a key. In rear-wheel-drive variants, there are 2 cupholders ahead of the armrest. The 4-wheel-drive variants have 1 cupholder and an off-road mode selector. Ahead of the gear lever, there is a wireless charger. You can also find 2 USB ports nearby. Above them are the controls for the dual-zone auto AC and infotainment screen.


Move up, and you will see an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, which supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The touch feedback of the screen is good. However, considering the size of the car, we would have liked a bigger, perhaps a 10.25-inch screen. The top-spec Scorpio-N comes with a 12-speaker surround system whose output is immersive. Along with speakers on the doors, the Scorpio-N also comes with speakers on the roof for a 3D sound experience.

Steering Wheel

The controls of the infotainment system can also be found on the steering wheel, which also houses cruise control buttons. The flat-bottom steering wheel is leather-wrapped and can be used to access the instrument cluster. The semi-digital MID shows information such as fuel-related information, digital speed, vehicle info, navigation, settings, alert history and drive-related information.

Driver Seat Adjustment

The driver seat is electrically adjustable and gets manual lumbar support. Other amenities for the driver include electrically adjustable and foldable ORVMs, day/night IRVM, front armrest, auto headlamps, auto wipers and tilt-adjustable steering wheel. The Scorpio-N also gets an electric sunroof.


The front seats of the Scorpio-N are comfortable. However, the dead pedal is not positioned well. The seat has a plethora of adjustments available and coupled with tilt adjustment for steering, one can easily find a comfortable driving position. The driver can easily see the bonnet, inspiring more confidence. The Scorpio-N offers the segment's highest seating position, even higher than the Toyota Fortuner. The Scorpio-N’s large ORVMs also provide an impressive view of what’s behind.

Rear Seats Ingress Egress - Second Row

Rear Door

Ingress in the second row of the Scorpio-N is a task. However, the side steps help a lot in entering the second row of Scorpio-N. The same is the case with egress. The steps help a lot while exiting the second row of the Scorpio-N, especially for short people.

Rear Seats Review - Second Row

The second row of seats of the Scorpio-N offers an adequate amount of knee room, which is enhanced thanks to the scooped-out front seat back. The legroom is enough and one can even slide their feet under the front seats. The headroom for rear passengers is good, mainly due to the step-up roof.

Second Row Bench

We drove the 7-seat version of the Scorpio-N, which gets a bench-type seat in the second row. Mahindra also offer the top-spec Scorpio-N with a 6-seat configuration, which gets 2 individual captain seats in the second row. The bench seat can also recline, making long journeys comfortable. However, the seat does not slide and hence, the space in the second and third rows is fixed.

Rear AC Vents

The bench seat is almost flat and offers good base and back support. The central tunnel does not intrude much in the cabin and hence, 3 people can sit in the second row. However, the back of the centre armrest is firm, which could be uncomfortable for the middle passenger. The second row has 2 adjustable and 1 fixed headrest.

Comfort and convenience features for the rear passengers include AC vents with airflow control, a type-C charging point and rear seat back pockets with phone holders. As the sunroof is not a panoramic unit, rear passengers won’t be able to enjoy the view from the sunroof. However, the window area is large and the cabin does not feel claustrophobic.

Rear Seats Ingress Egress - Third Row

The middle row of the Scorpio-N can tumble, making an aperture for one to get into the third row. The side step outside and footrest inside the cabin make ingress easy. However, adults will have a difficult time getting out of the third row, as they will have to crouch to get out. Additionally, the third-row passengers cannot operate the tumble lever of the second row from behind. Hence, one will need assistance while getting out of the third row of Scorpio-N.

Rear Seats Review - Third Row

3rd row with person

The Scorpio-N gets front-facing bench seats, which is a huge upgrade from the old Scorpio’s side-facing seats. Front-facing seats are better in terms of safety as well as comfort compared to side-facing seats. The third row seats in the Scorpio-N does not get 50:50 split function.

The knee room and legroom in the third row are limited, and you crouch while seated here, with your knees up. Hence, the third row is not comfortable for adults to do long drives in. Creature comforts are also scarce in the third row, which includes a 12V socket and small armrests with a phone holder on either side. As the AC vents in the second row are placed below, it fails to cool the third row effectively. Hence, a dedicated AC vent and USB socket are a big miss in the third row.

3rd row armrest

Verdict - Mahindra Scorpio-N Interior Review

While the Scorpio-N is big on the outside, the space inside is limited. The cabin is more focused on the front passengers. The Scorpio-N cannot be used as a 7-seater all the time, as it compromises on the boot space as well as the comfort of the third-row passengers. We think that the Scorpio-N will be a comfortable car for a family of 4 adults and a kid, which will free up space in the boot for their luggage.

The Scorpio-N could have done with features like an auto-dimming IRVM, a bigger touchscreen infotainment system, sliding second row, third row AC vents and a few more USB ports.


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