Maruti Suzuki Fronx Official Accessory List With Price — Which Accessory To Buy?

The Maruti Suzuki Fronx is a Baleno-based compact SUV which is one of the highest-selling Nexa models. It is available in 5 variants - Sigma, Delta, Delta Plus, Zeta Turbo, and Alpha Turbo. While buying a new car, some of us are keen to choose some accessories that would give our new ride a personalized touch. In case you are wondering about the official accessories available for your Maruti Fronx, you have reached the correct place. We have compiled a list of the official Fronx accessories along with their prices.

Maruti Suzuki Fronx

But before we delve into the details of individual accessories offered by Maruti Nexa for the Fronx, let’s take a look at the Vilox Collection accessory package that offers pre-selected accessories by the carmaker.

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Maruti Suzuki Fronx Vilox Accessory Pack

Take a look at the list of accessories in the Vilox collection package:





ORVM cover

Seat covers

Headlamps garnish

Door mats

Door visors

Door sill guards

Side body moulding

Interior styling kit

Front splitter

Rear seat cushions

Side skirt


Rear skid plate


Bumper edge protectors


Maruti Suzuki offer the Vilox accessory package for all variants of the Fronx. The Vilox accessory package for the Fronx costs Rs. 29,990. However, Maruti are only offering the seat covers that are part of the accessory package with the Sigma, Delta and Delta Plus variants of the Fronx. The Zeta and Alpha variants of the Fronx do not get seat covers because of the presence of side curtain airbags. However, the customers do get the option to choose seat-airbag compliant seat covers from the accessories list.

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Maruti Suzuki Fronx Official Accessories With Price

Take a look at the official accessories of the Fronx with their indicative prices:

Accessory Price Category Priority
Front skid plate Rs. 2,090 Style Low
Side skirt Rs. 3,090 Style Low
Rear skid plate Rs. 2,490 Style Low
Door sill guard Rs. 1,890 - Rs. 2,990 Style Low
Wheel covers Rs. 2,360 Style Mid
Alloy wheels Rs. 34,760 - Rs. 36,760 (4 units) Style Mid
Interior styling kit Rs. 6,990 Style Low
Wheel arch garnish Rs. 890 Style Low
Boot edge garnish Rs. 990 Style Low
Signature LED Connect Rs. 7990 Style Low
Exterior Styling Kit Rs. 7290 Style Low
Body cover Rs. 3,090 Functional High
Reverse parking camera Rs. 6,990 Functional Mid
Front parking sensors Rs. 5,650 Functional Low
Footwell mats Rs. 1,890 - Rs. 2,990 Functional High
Wireless phone charger Rs. 9,390 Functional Mid
Window sunshades Rs. 690 - Rs. 1050 Functional Mid
Seat covers Rs. 8,170 - Rs. 9,790 Functional High
Vacuum cleaner + air purifier Rs. 2,499 Functional Mid
Fast phone charger Rs. 349 Functional Mid
Side moulding Rs. 1,890 - Rs. 2,490 Functional Mid
Door visor Rs. 1,590 - Rs. 2,190 Functional High
Bumper edge protection Rs. 690 - Rs. 750 Functional High
Digital Video Recorder Rs. 4990 Functional Mid
Tyre air Inflator Rs. 2111 Functional Mid
Floor Mats Rs. 2,150-2,990 Functional Mid
Boot Mat Rs. 1890 Functional Mid
Car Care Kit Rs. 459-1,699 Functional Mid
Reverse Camera Rs. 5390 Functional Mid
Front Parking Assist Rs. 5650 Functional Mid
Portable Vaccum Cleaner Rs. 1190 Functional Mid

It is worth noting that the aforementioned accessories are handpicked by our team based on our needs. Maruti Nexa dealerships offer several other style and functional accessories for the Fronx that may appeal to you or serve a special purpose. Additionally, getting these accessories from a Maruti Nexa dealer ensures that your warranty does not get cancelled. The prices mentioned for the accessories above are indicative and bound to change in the future.

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  1. R Ramesh says:
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    I want fronx reverse camera

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    June 15 2023 22:08:20

    I want rear camera, door visor and aarm rest

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    I want reverse parking camera n arm rest

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    I need fronx zeta accessories price

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    I want arm rest for frox delta +

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    I need arm rest and dry tail led lights.

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    Would like to have suzuki Fronx sidesteps

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    I want Fronx Tail Light for delta plus

  10. A Amol v says:
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    I want rear skid plate for my maruti suzuki fronx delta plus model.. Grey and red color

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    I want fronx front parking camera

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    I want suzuki fronx rear bumper cost

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