Maruti Automatic Comparison SPresso vs Celerio vs WagonR: Which Budget Automatic Car Should You Buy?

Until now, Maruti Suzuki expected you to spend more, way more, to get a spacious small car. The Alto 800 and the Alto K10, both fail to comfortably accommodate a 6-footer driver and you can forget about fitting in two tall passengers behind each other. So, the next obvious alternatives were the WagonR and the Celerio.



Now that we have another tall boy in the house, you get more options to pick from.


While these cars appear to come from different segments, you must know that you can squeeze in some discounts on the WagonR and the Celerio because they’ve been around for some time. However, no amount of haggling will get you a discount on the SPresso because it’s new.


If you’re considering buying a Maruti Suzuki car with the following 3 attributes:

  • Spacious interiors
  • Automatic
  • Affordable

Then, look no further. We will compare these affordable automatic cars to give you the definitive answer. Because we want you to get the best value for your money.


So, let’s compare the 1.0-litre VXI automatic variants of the Celerio and WagonR with the SPresso VXI Plus automatic.


Maruti SPresso VXI Plus AMT vs Celerio VXI AMT vs WagonR 1.0 VXI AMT - Price Comparison





Maruti SPresso

Automatic Prices

Maruti Celerio Automatic Prices

2019 Maruti WagonR 1.0 Prices








Rs. 4.68 lakh


Rs. 5.18 lakh


Rs. 5.31 lakh


Rs. 4.74 lakh


Rs. 5.25 lakh

VXI (O) 1.0 AMT

Rs. 5.62 lakh


Rs. 4.91 lakh


Rs. 5.44 lakh



Rs. 5.53 lakh




In terms of prices, the SPresso clearly has an upper hand by being an affordable alternative. But if you can get some discounts, then the Celerio price can come close enough to the SPresso. Meanwhile, the WagonR is also fairly new and also a little more expensive. Therefore, you’ll find limited discounts on the WagonR if any.

Winner: Maruti SPresso VXI Plus AMT


Maruti SPresso VXI Plus AMT vs Celerio VXI AMT vs WagonR 1.0 VXI AMT - Dimensions Comparison




Maruti S-Presso

2019 Maruti WagonR

Maruti Celerio

















Ground Clearance




Boot Space

240 litre

341 litres

235 litres

Fuel Tank

27 litre

32 litres

35 litres

Tyre Size

165/70 R14

165/70 R14

165/70 R14



As you can see, the Celerio is the longest here while the Maruti WagonR is the tallest and by a healthy margin. The WagonR’s height can put many SUVs to shame. In terms of the wheelbase, the WagonR and the Celerio are pretty evenly matched while the SPresso has a 55mm disadvantage compared to the WagonR. What the SPresso loses in wheelbase, it makes up in ground clearance. With 180mm ground clearance, it’s the safest choice here to travel on broken and gravely roads.


The boot space is again remarkable in the SPresso and beats the Celerio by a narrow margin but the WagonR is on another level with 41% more space. The fuel capacity reinforces the idea that the SPresso is from a lower segment. But, for some reason, the wheel size is the exact same on all three cars as all get 14-inch tyres.


The SPresso and WagonR are both made on different versions of HearTect chassis. The WagonR shares the exact chassis with the more expensive Ignis, so, it’s even more spacious than it used to be. Even a 6-footer with a turban, will not have any problem getting in or out of the car. Once inside, there’s plenty of headroom and legroom as well.


The SPresso may look like a tall boy, but the real tallboy (WagonR) remains unbeatable in the cabin space department. The SPresso is also the narrowest of the three cars. It won’t be as comfortable for three passengers in the backseat.

Winner: WagonR


Maruti SPresso VXI Plus AMT vs Celerio VXI AMT vs WagonR AMT - Engine and Specs Comparison



Engine displacement


Fuel type


Max Power

68PS @ 5500RPM

Max Torque

90Nm @ 3500RPM


5-Speed MT/ 5-Speed AMT


Since all the three cars have the same 1.0-litre 3-cylinder petrol engine, the power and torque output remains identical. It’s a proven engine with good bottom-end torque that’s easy to drive in traffic. It’s been around for a decade and has been refined enough that you can expect it to do its job just fine for years to come.


As far as the AMT automatic goes, it’s again the same unit, which first debuted with the Celerio. Again, this has been around for the better part of this decade. So, you can rest assured that any rough edges must have been ironed out by now.


So, although all three cars here are evenly matched, the difference comes in the form of fuel efficiency. The Celerio has an ARAI-certified fuel efficiency figure 23.1kmpl, the WagonR promises to deliver 22.5kmpl while the SPresso only claims to run 21.7km on one litre of petrol.


The difference is noticeable but not big enough to clearly announce a winner in this segment.

Winner - None (Draw)


Maruti SPresso VXI Plus AMT vs Celerio VXI AMT vs WagonR 1.0 VXI  AMT - Features Comparison


Let’s first get through the common features:

  • Body-coloured bumpers
  • Body-coloured outside mirrors
  • Body-coloured door handles
  • 60:40 split rear seats
  • Front power windows
  • Air conditioning with heater
  • Power steering
  • Accessory socket
  • Gear position indicator
  • Driver airbag
  • ABS
  • Seatbelt reminder for front passengers
  • Reverse parking sensors
  • Full wheel covers
  • Non-Adjustable Headrest
  • Overspeed warning


The feature list though is a tough one to decipher. While the Celerio is easy to ignore because of its limited list of features, the WagonR VXI and SPresso VXI Plus are close.


Maruti SPresso VXI Plus AMT Features

Maruti Celerio VXI AMT Features

Maruti WagonR VXI 1.0 AMT Features




2 speakers

Rear power windows

Security alarm

Distance to empty

Chrome grille

Front Power Outlet

Remote central locking

Central locking

Remote central locking

Front Power Outlet with USB charger

Mirror for front passenger in the visor

Instant and average fuel efficiency

Internally-adjustable outside mirrors

Outside temperature display

Distance to empty

Instant and average fuel efficiency

Internally-adjustable outside mirrors

Smartplay dock music system

Rear parcel tray

Front Power Outlet


Speed Sensing Auto Door Lock

Day/night inside mirror

2 speakers

Reversing Camera


Tilt Steering

7-inch touchscreen Smartplay infotainment system


Electrically-Adjustable Outside Mirrors

Android Auto and Apple Carplay


Rear Parcel Tray

Steering-mounted music controls


Rear Power Windows


Day/night inside mirror


The WagonR and the SPresso, both get the new crash-compliant HearTect chassis. So in the safety department, the WagonR and the SPresso are evenly matched.


Both cars get rear parcel tray, 2-speaker Bluetooth music system, a basic MID and remote central locking. The WagonR’s strengths include a Smartplay dock music system to use your phone as a stop-gap infotainment system solution. The WagonR also gets power-adjustable outside mirrors, rear power windows and a tilt steering as well.


The SPresso comes well-kitted in the entertainment department. It gets a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple Carplay. It’s also the only car here with steering-mounted music controls and reversing camera. It’s the only car in this comparison missing a day/night inside mirror. Thankfully, it’s not that difficult to install in the aftermarket.


Although the SPresso VXI Plus AMT misses out on a few features compared to the WagonR, it still wins us as the large screen music system and steering-mounted controls gives the cabin an upmarket appeal.

Winner: Maruti SPresso VXI Plus AMT


The lack of remote central locking and any kind of music system makes the Celerio VXI AMT a little too barebones for our taste.

The inclusion of day/night mirror, power mirrors and rear power windows makes the WagonR VXI AMT a good option to the touchscreen infotainment system


Maruti SPresso VXI Plus AMT vs Celerio VXI AMT vs WagonR VXI 1.0 AMT Comparison Verdict


The big thing Celerio VXI AMT has going for it is its price. But the car is starting to show its age. The WagonR is a proven formula and there are only a few cars in India that hold their resale value like WagonR.


The Maruti SPresso VXI Plus has a few things going in its favour:

  1. You get the same engine and transmission as the other two cars
  2. The cabin space may not be as good as the new WagonR but it’s definitely comparable with the previous generation WagonR
  3. The infotainment kit is as good as it gets these days with features similar to the top-trim Marutis from Nexa
  4. SUV styling and highest ground clearance in this comparison
  5. Lower price compared to the other two cars


It’s difficult to believe that you can get significantly more space, features and safety compared to the Alto K10 VXI AMT for just Rs. 5,000 more. Considering the price of Rs. 4.91 lakh (ex-Delhi) for the Maruti SPresso VXI Plus AMT, it’s easy to say that this “micro-SUV” packs a lot of punch.


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