Ford Mustang Dimensions

Ford Mustang Dimensions

Upcoming Ford Mustang belongs to the D2 Segment Sedan in India. Here you can get Ford Mustang Expected dimensions like length, width, height & wheelbase along with fuel tank, boot space & ground clearance. You can also check dimensions of Ford Mustang converted into CM (centimeters), meters, feet and inches for all variants of the car.

Dimensions of Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang dimensions were 4798 mm in length, 2080 mm in width and 1399 mm in height. A wider body normally results in better shoulder room inside the car while a higher roof makes it easier to get in and out of the car. Ford Mustang has a 2720 mm wheelbase. The wheelbase is the distance between the centre of the front and rear wheels. A longer wheelbase usually results in better legroom.

Dimensions in mm in cm in inches in feet
Length 4798 479.8 188.90 15.73
Width 2080 208 81.89 6.82
Height 1399 139.9 55.08 4.59
Wheelbase 2720 272 107.09 8.92

The Ford Mustang has a boot space of -. A longer boot allows you to carry more luggage. Fuel tank of the Mustang was -. Ford Mustang ground clearance was -. A higher ground clearance makes it easier to go over tall speed breakers or drive on broken roads without scraping and damaging the car’s underbody.

Boot Space -
Ground Clearance -
Fuel Tank -


*Last Recorded Ex-showroom Price in Delhi


Ford Mustang has been discontinued and the car is out of production
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