Jaguar F-Type

The Jaguar F-Type is a C2-segment Coupe with seating for up to 2 occupants and costs between. ₹1.00 Cr and ₹1.56 Cr (ex-showroom). The F-Type is available with following 2 engine-transmission combinations:

  • 2.0L Petrol Hybrid with 8-speed TC (1 variants)
  • 5.0L Petrol Hybrid with 8-speed TC (2 variants)
  • Jaguar F-Type

    Jaguar F-Type Price List

    The Jaguar F-Type Coupe is available with 2 engine-transmission combinations. The ex-showroom prices of the 2024 F-Type start from ₹1.00 Cr for the Coupe R Dynamic variant with the 2.0L petrol hybrid engine and 8-speed TC. The range tops out at ₹1.56 Cr (ex-showroom) with the V8 Convertible R Dynamic variant, which gets 5.0L petrol hybrid engine with 8-speed TC. Here are the variant-wise prices below:

    Variant Ex-Showroom Price On-road Price
    F-Type Coupe R Dynamic ₹1.00 Cr*
    ₹1.06 Cr
    Variant Ex-Showroom Price On-road Price
    F-Type V8 Coupe R Dynamic ₹1.46 Cr*
    ₹1.54 Cr
    F-Type V8 Convertible R Dynamic ₹1.56 Cr*
    ₹1.65 Cr

    Dimensions of Jaguar F-Type

    The 2024 F-Type is 4470mm long, 2042mm wide and 1307mm tall. Bigger exterior dimensions give a car a stronger road presence. The F-Type has a 2622mm long wheelbase. A long wheelbase makes the car more stable at high speeds and gives better legroom in the back seat, while a shorter wheelbase makes the car more agile.

    The 2024 Jaguar F-Type has a fuel tank capacity of 63 litres and a boot space measuring 132 litres. The F-Type has a ground clearance of 100mm. The tyre size of the 2024 F-Type base model is 245/45 R18 and the top model rides on 245/45 R18 tyres. Cars running on bigger wheels provide better handling and styling. However, these advantages come at the cost of efficiency. Having bigger wheels means more metal and more rotating mass. Therefore, it adversely impacts your drivability, performance and mileage.

    Dimensions in mm in cm in inches in feet
    Length 4470 447 175.98 14.66
    Width 2042 204.2 80.39 6.70
    Height 1307 130.7 51.46 4.29
    Wheelbase 2622 262.2 103.23 8.60

    Boot Space 132L
    Ground Clearance 100mm
    Fuel Tank 63L

    Jaguar F-Type Engine Specs

    The Jaguar F-Type is available with a 2.0L petrol Hybrid engine and a 5.0L petrol Hybrid engine. The 2.0L petrol Hybrid engine is available with a 8-speed TC transmission. The 5.0L petrol Hybrid engine gets a 8-speed TC transmission.

    • Engine Displacement 1997cc
      Cylinders 6
      Max Power 221PS @ 5500rpm
      Max Torque 400Nm @ 1500 - 4500rpm
      Transmission 8-speed TC
      Kerb Weight 1553Kg
      Power:Weight 142.31PS/tonne
      Torque:Weight 257.57Nm/tonne
    • Engine Displacement 5000cc
      Cylinders 6
      Max Power 331PS @ 6000rpm
      Max Torque 580Nm @ 2500 - 5000rpm
      Transmission 8-speed TC
      Kerb Weight 1706Kg
      Power:Weight 194.02PS/tonne
      Torque:Weight 339.98Nm/tonne

    Jaguar F-Type Mileage

    • Claimed FE 9.28kmpl
      Real World Mileage -
    • Claimed FE 12.30kmpl
      Real World Mileage -

    ₹1.00 Cr - ₹1.56 Cr*

    *Ex-showroom Price
    View On Road Price

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    Body Type
    9.28 - 12.30 kmpl
    1997 - 5000 cc
    Fuel Type
    2 Seater
    Seat Capacity
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