Safest Sedans Under Rs. 10 Lakh

Some of us want our cars to look like cars and not tanks on wheels. We want a proper 3-box sedan with an engine compartment, a passenger shell and a separate boot. There’s something elegant about that proportional design.


Safest Sedans

There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that the SUV fandom is leading to fewer sedans in the market. The good news is that whatever options we have looked like they’re underpriced. If we want a safe sedan, then there’s a small compromise we have to make. GNCAP hasn’t tested any of the big C-segment sedans while the sub-4m ones are only somewhat palatable. So, besides the more balanced design, you will miss out on the creature comforts and features in these smaller sedans. Either way, here are your options.

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Note: The adult safety score is out of 17 while the child safety score is out of 49. GNCAP then condenses the score into a star rating for easy understanding. For the sake of consistency, this list only includes made-in-India cars tested by Global NCAP.

1. Tata Tigor

Tata Tigor

On the top spot, we have the Tata Tigor. It carries a score of 12.52 for adult safety and 34.15 for child safety. The final safety rating of the Tigor is 4-star for adults and 3-star for children. Not bad considering the affordable price tag.

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Tata Tigor


Price (Ex-showroom)

XE 1.2L Petrol Manual

Rs. 5.6 lakh

XM 1.2L Petrol Manual

Rs. 6.2 lakh

XZ 1.2L Petrol Manual

Rs. 6.61 lakh

XZ Plus 1.2L Petrol Manual

Rs. 7.22 lakh

XMA 1.2L Petrol AMT Automatic

Rs. 6.72 lakh

XZA Plus 1.2L Petrol AMT Automatic

Rs. 7.74 lakh

2. Ford Aspire


Ford Aspire is the only other option for a sedan buyer with a heavy focus on safety. 

Aspire got 10.49 for adult safety and 14.22 for child safety. The Aspire’s final score stands at 3 stars for grown-ups and 2 stars for kids.

Note that this score is for the 2-airbag version. The top-spec 6-airbag version may even beat the Tigor in the side-impact tests.

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Ford Aspire


Price (Ex-showroom)

Titanium 1.2L Petrol Manual

Rs. 7.27 lakh

Titanium Plus 1.2L Petrol Manual

Rs. 7.62 lakh

Flair 1.2L Petrol Manual

Rs. 7.92 lakh

Titanium 1.5L Turbo Diesel Manual

Rs. 8.37 lakh

Titanium Plus 1.5L Turbo Diesel Manual

Rs. 8.72 lakh

Flair 1.5L Turbo Diesel Manual

Rs. 9.02 lakh


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