Tata Motors Reveal Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicle At Auto Expo 2023

At the Auto Expo 2023, Tata Motors revealed their hydrogen fuel-cell long-haul truck and inter-city bus. This makes Tata Motors the only carmaker doing the research and development in the field of hydrogen fuel cell propulsion technology for the Indian market. The other carmakers like Hyundai and Toyota have tried to popularise the hydrogen fuel cell cars in international markets. However, despite the fast refilling times, the hydrogen cars have failed because of the limited filling stations.

Tata Hydrogen FCV At Auto Expo 2023

Hyundai and Toyota, both, displayed their hydrogen fuel-cell cars at the auto expo for the second consecutive edition of the auto show. Besides these renowned carmakers, MG also showcased the Euniq hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle at the Auto Expo 2023. This makes Tata the 4th exhibitor at the Auto Expo to showcase fuel-cell propulsion technology. Given their recent track record with the implementation and adoption of electric propulsion, we can say with high confidence that Tata Motors will become the first automaker to bring the fuel-cell technology to the market.

Tata Hydrogen FCV

Tata Motors also confirmed that they have Indian Oil as a paying customer already signed up for a fuel-cell trailer truck. They also announced that they have a tentative deadline of 2024 for the delivery of hydrogen fuel cell trucks to their first customer.

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For the hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle’s successful adoption, it’s important for the technology to reach a point of satisfactory refinement and reliability. But, it’s even more important to establish hydrogen fuel refilling stations. It’s also critical to achieve mass production of hydrogen so that its per unit cost can come down to levels, which provides the customer with a lower cost of ownership (COO). We believe that Indian Oil might help Tata Motors with this problem and leverage their positioning in the fuel distribution business for this purpose.

Tata Hydrogen FCV interior

With a wide hydrogen distribution network, we can also expect other automakers to jump in on the hydrogen propulsion bandwagon. Meanwhile, no one is willing to invest in this business citing that there are no consumers to pay for hydrogen fuel. We hope Tata Motors manage to initiate this loop and help hydrogen fuel cell vehicles achieve the tipping point in India.

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