Kia Carnival vs Ford Endeavour – Dimensions Comparison

Know which car is bigger Kia Carnival vs Ford Endeavour in comparison of dimensions length, width, height, wheelbase, ground clearance & boot space. In this article we are comparing car dimensions which help you taking decision which one to buy Kia Carnival or Ford Endeavour.

Kia Carnival vs Ford Endeavour

The premium MPV Kia Carnival is 5115 mm long, 1985 mm wide, 1755 mm tall and rides on a wheelbase measuring 3060 mm. The MPV offers a boot space 540 litres and ground clearance of 180 mm. On the other hand, the Ford Endeavour SUV offers 4903 mm of length, 1869 mm of width, 1837 mm height with a wheelbase of 2850 mm and boot space 296 litres and ground clearance of 210 mm.

Carnival vs Endeavour Dimensions Comparison
Dimensions Kia Carnival Ford Endeavour
Length 5115mm 4903mm
Width 1985mm 1869mm
Height 1755mm 1837mm
Wheelbase 3060mm 2850mm
Boot space 540-lt 430-lt
Ground clearance 180mm 210mm


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