Front Armrest - Feature Explained

This comprehensive Feature Explained article delves into the world of front armrests, exploring their pros, cons, functionalities, costs, and suitability for various car owners.

Front Armrest

Understanding Front Armrests

Front armrests, common in most modern cars, are padded sections designed to provide comfort for the driver's arm during long journeys or while waiting at traffic signals. They offer various functionalities depending on the type and design:

  • Basic armrests: These fixed armrests, like the one in the Ford EcoSport, can be swung up or down for convenience.
  • Sliding armrests: These offer adjustable support for the forearm by allowing it to slide forward and back.
  • Centre console armrests: Found in cars like the Hyundai Creta, these wider armrests offer shared use between the driver and passenger, often featuring storage compartments, USB ports, and power sockets.
  • Luxury armrests: Premium cars like Audis or BMWs boast luxurious armrests with plush leather, ample cushioning, and dual storage compartments for individual access.

Non Sliding Front Armrest

What Are The Pros Or Advantages Of Front Armrests?

  • Enhanced driver comfort: Front armrests significantly improve comfort, especially on long journeys, by providing a place to rest your arm.
  • Additional storage: Armrests with built-in compartments offer valuable storage space for items like phones, wallets, or loose change.
  • Improved organisation: They create a physical partition between the driver and passenger, potentially enhancing cabin organisation.
  • Convenience for automatic transmission cars: In automatic vehicles, armrests offer a comfortable resting place for the left arm during short drives.

What Are The Cons Or Drawbacks Of Front Armrests?

  • Potential for reduced handbrake accessibility: Some generic aftermarket armrests might limit access to the handbrake lever.
  • Noise concerns: Non-felt lined armrests can create rattling noises from loose objects stored within.
  • Ergonomic limitations: Some OEM armrests might lack proper cushioning or ergonomic design, compromising comfort.
  • Cost considerations: OEM-spec aftermarket armrests can be expensive compared to generic options.

Toyota Camry Front Armrest

Aftermarket Vs. Factory-Installed Armrests:

While aftermarket options offer affordability, they come with several drawbacks:

  • Material quality: Generic armrests often use cheap materials that may not be durable or comfortable.
  • Installation complexities: Installing them might involve drilling into the center console, potentially impacting resale value.
  • Noise and rattles: Poor-quality materials can introduce unpleasant noises in the cabin.

Factory-installed armrests, although costlier, offer several advantages:

  • Superior quality: They use better materials for comfort, durability, and noise reduction.
  • Seamless integration: They blend seamlessly with the car's interior design and functionality.
  • Professional installation: Authorised service centres offer professional installation, ensuring proper functioning and safety.

Front Armrest

Cost Considerations

  • OEM-spec armrests: Prices range from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 6,000 for mass-market cars and can reach Rs. 60,000 for luxury cars.
  • Aftermarket armrests: Generic options cost between Rs. 800 and Rs. 2,000, but quality and durability vary significantly.

Repair and Replacement Costs Of Front Armrest

Replacing a damaged armrest is generally inexpensive. OEM-spec replacements cost between Rs. 2,000 and Rs. 6,000, while repairs at local workshops might be cheaper but could compromise quality.


For B2 segment cars and above, we highly recommend having a front armrest. They significantly enhance driver comfort and offer valuable functionalities. However, avoid cheap aftermarket options due to their potential drawbacks. Opt for factory-installed armrests or high-quality aftermarket alternatives for a positive experience. Consider factors like the car's segment, your budget, and comfort preferences when making your decision.

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