MG Comet EV Pros & Cons

Check out pros and cons about the MG Comet EV that are worth highlighting for a potential buyer. Here are some of the highlights of the benefits of buying the MG Comet EV. We'll also list out the Comet EV drawbacks to help you make an informed buying decision.

Comet EV Advantanges
  • Tiny Dimensions And Short Turning Radius Make It City-Friendly

    With a length of just a shade under 3 metres, the Comet EV is even smaller than the Tata Nano. It currently is one of the smallest passenger vehicles available in the country. Combine its compact dimensions with a 4.2m small turning radius and you have a very city-friendly compact electric vehicle.

  • Surprisingly Spacious For Its Size

    Despite having such a small footprint, the Comet EV can actually accommodate 4 adults with ease. It gets a 2-door format and both the front doors offer a large opening and the space for the rear passengers is generous too. Since the Comet EV is also fairly tall, headroom for even 6 footers is not a problem inside the Comet EV.

  • Quirky Styling Stands Out

    The Comet EV looks unlike anything on the road. Its compact design complimented with quirky styling give it a unique appeal on the road. Furthermore, its connected LED light bars at the front and rear along with LED headlights and tail lights also give it a modern stance. If you fancy a colourful livery splashed around your EV, MG Motor India also offer a slew of customisation packs.

  • EV-Specific Platform

    Unlike other budget-centric EVs in the market, the Comet EV is underpinned by an EV-specific platform. Other budget EVs in the market like the Tata Tiago EV and Citroen eC3, on the other hand, are based on the modified ICE platform. Thanks to the EV-specific platform, the Comet EV manages to offer surprisingly good space to its passengers despite its tiny dimensions.

  • Feature Additions For 2024

    MG Motor updated the Comet EV in March 2024 with feature additions like power-folding mirrors, crawl function, faster AC charging capability, e-parking brake with auto hold and a storage space between front seats to make it easier to live with.

  • Good All-Around Visibility

    The high seating position, low-set dashboard and the large quarter glass of the Comet EV drastically improves all-around visibility and makes it easy to drive both in the city and on the highway.

  • Good City Drivability

    Although the MG Comet EV only offers a ground clearance of 165mm, the short wheelbase of 2010mm makes it very usable over poor roads and tall speed breakers. Despite a low power figure, the city drivability of the Comet is, in fact, far superior to the non-turbo petrol engines of up to 1.2L displacement.

  • Easy Ingress/Egress

    The MG Comet EV’s tall-boy design coupled with XL sized doors makes front seat ingress and egress as easy as walking in or out.

Comet EV Disadvantanges
  • 12-Inch Wheels Look Tiny

    Having 12-inch wheels on a budget car isn’t a new thing in the Indian market, but the same-sized wheels look diminutive on the Comet EV owing to its tall stance. The MG Comet EV stands 1640mm tall, which is considerably taller than the Tiago EV.

  • No Usable Boot Space

    While the Comet EV offers surprisingly good space for its passengers, it couldn’t accommodate their weekend worth of luggage. The Comet EV offers a tiny boot space which is occupied by the puncture repairing kit and portable charger. As a result, the boot of the Comet EV can’t store any more luggage than a backpack.

  • Poor Ergonomics

    Poor ergonomics like steering position, garden-chair seats and limited seat contouring make it a terrible option for covering long distances

  • Quirky Styling May Not Appeal To Everyone

    The Comet EV offers a very quirky styling that may not go down well with everybody’s taste. Someone who prefers to have a conventional car bodystyle with 4 doors and better boot space can shell out a little extra and jump to the Tata Tiago EV.

  • Cumbersome Rear Seat Access

    If you intend to frequently use the rear seats, then note that the access to the rear seats is quite cumbersome. Despite the large doors that make ingress-egress easy for front row passengers, the front seats do not slide far forward to make rear seat ingress-egress easy for adults.

  • No TPMS But MG Says It’s There

    Although MG claims the Comet EV is equipped with TPMS, we experienced a flat tyre without any prior warning of low pressure. We drove the Comet EV for a fair bit with the flat tyre and the system failed to recognise a loss of pressure. Upon further inspection, we found that there are no TPMS sensors on the wheels.

  • Exposed Electric Motor And Wiring Underneath

    The motor and some wiring underneath is exposed to the elements of nature while the rear differential is the lowest part of the car; it is a concern to watch out for when traversing over bad roads

  • No DC Fast Charging

    The Comet EV doesn’t support DC fast charging, thus limiting its usage within city confines only. Other EVs in its price bracket like the Tata Tiago EV, Tata Tigor EV and Citroen eC3 offer DC fast charging. Mostly addressed with 2024 model update (7.4kW AC fast charging capability)

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