MG Comet EV First Drive Review - Range, Features, Space, Exterior, Interior

In this MG Comet EV review, we’ll examine the exterior, interior, performance and range of the latest compact electric car. We hope this information helps you make an informed decision about buying MG’s latest electric car. Let’s start with the exterior details of the MG Comet EV

MG Comet EV

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2023 MG Comet EV - Exterior Review

Comet EV

MG Comet EV is one of the smallest cars you will see on the road and its overall length is slightly less than 3m. Because of its 2-door design, it’s even smaller than the Tata Nano. But, its exterior elements like LED projector headlamps, connecting LED parking lights on the front and bank give it an upmarket appeal rather than a budget-friendly vibe. Similarly, the consistent panel gaps, quality of panel fitment and the exterior touchpoints also maintain that feel when you get close to the car.

Comet EV

The front design of the Comet also has several flat surfaces and the most noticeable element here is the parking light - which is a horizontal LED light strip with blue detailing on the top.Just above it is a small bonnet lid, which is mainly useful for topping up the wiper washer fluid. Below the hood is the charging port hiding behind the MG brand badging.


The headlamps have dual projector units in a casing with smart chrome detailing. The top projector unit is a dual-beam and switches between low and high beam, while the lower projector remains on at low beam at all times. So, for regular use, you get the confidence from 4 LED projector beams. Below the headlamps, you have the LED turn indicators.

One thing worth noting here is that the front bumper has a 3-part design — both sides are separate units and the front part is separate. This is mostly done with the intent to keep maintenance costs down as only smaller parts need replacement.

Comet EV

Moving to the side, there's a chrome strip extending from below the front parking lamp to the outside mirrors. The ORVMs are large for a car of Comet's size and their fit and finish are good. It's a 2-door car and the doors are quite large to provide easy access to the rear seats. The doors have vertical chrome handles with a lock-unlock button on top on both sides. There's a fixed rectangular window at the back, which looks large. Beyond that, is the thick C-pillar with the ‘Electric’ badging.

Alloy Wheel

Down below, the 12 inches seem small in size considering the height of this car. These are steel-type with aerodynamic wheel covers and they attach with four bolts/nuts. So, there is scope for installing aftermarket alloy wheels.

Front Wheel

The ground clearance of Comet is 165mm and it is comparable to a hatchback or a sedan. But unlike a sedan, Comet’s short wheelbase makes it much less likely to scrape over wide and tall speed breakers.

Comet EV

Around the back, there's also a wide light strip, which turns on with the parking light. Its tail lamps and rear turn indicators are also LED type, as is the reversing light. Above the MG logo on the boot lid, there's a parking camera and below it is the COMET badging. Like the front, its rear bumper also has 3 child parts.

Comet EV

There's only enough space behind the second row seats to store a charging cable, toolkit or laptop bag. Its 2nd-row seats are 50-50 split, which frees up more than enough luggage space to keep luggage for 2 people. There's no spare wheel space in the Comet.

Comet EV

Overall, Comet is a small car with a boxy design. There are several personalization options available and it looks quirky, so its exterior might be attractive to some people. Let us know in the comments section how you like Comet's design.

MG Comet Electric - Interior Review

Comet EV

The Comet comes with a dual-tone light grey and off-white interior, with fabric trim on the dashboard and doors, glossy white trim at various places and an aluminium finished panel on the dashboard. The squarish key of the car is also white in colour and feels good to hold. The comet has a walkaway-lock and it automatically unlocks the car when you approach it. The quality of materials used for the plastics and switchgear touchpoints is also appreciable.

Comet EV

The cabin of the Comet does not have a glovebox with a lid, but there is an open space to keep a phone or wallet. In addition, there are cup holders just ahead of the air-con vents on the extreme end of the dashboard.

USB Ports

Two bag hooks are present on the lower part of the middle dashboard, which has two USB charging ports as well. Above them, there are air-con vents and a button to switch between different drive modes.

Steering Wheel

The middle part of the dashboard has a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system with wireless smartphone connectivity. The screen is large, the display is crisp and the touch sensitivity is acceptable. The driver can access the audio system controls from the steering wheel, which looks a bit like an iPod. The quality of the materials used for the controls is good and the leather-wrapped steering wheel feels comfortable to hold. The driver also has a sharp digital instrument cluster display.

power mirrow

Under the steering wheel, there are buttons to open the bonnet, turn off the car, check the tire pressure and adjust the power mirrors.

12V Sockets

There is a console between the front seats with a gear selector knob, a 12V socket and controls for the power windows. It is worth noting that both power windows have one-touch down operation and the driver's side also has the auto-up function.

Driver Seats

The driving position is comfortable, thanks to the high-set seating and large windows. The driver can also access a day/night inside mirror with a USB port and vanity mirrors on both sun visors.

Rear Seats

Moving to the rear of the car, the front seat of the Comet can slide forward to provide enough knee space and sufficient headroom. The second row has fixed headrests and is relatively low, so it’s more suitable for kids. However, two adults can still fit comfortably for short distances.

Overall, the interior of the Comet stands out for its quality of materials. The touchpoints feel like they belong in a bigger, more expensive car. The quality of materials is impressive.

MG Comet EV - Performance And Range

Comet EV

Comet’s performance is adequate for the size of the car. Since it is an electric car, it is brisk off the mark, but you will have to push the accelerator pedal a little harder. For speeds up to 60kmph, its performance is decent and within control, but we did not find it confidence-inspiring at higher speeds primarily due to its small footprint and tires. In the city, you can easily drive it and its performance, including braking and ride, are fine.

AC Vents

The Comet has a 17.3kWh battery pack and a claimed range is 230km. On our drive, which we started at 7:45am with 98 percent charge and 198km range, we drove mainly from Gurgaon to Delhi and back. We also stopped for a considerable time to shoot the car. It's now around 2pm and we have driven the car for around 80km with AC for the entire duration. At this time, the cluster shows its range as 86km and its battery percentage is 43%. So, we got around 80kms of drive in 55% battery. This means that in heavy city traffic, you can expect a range of 150km from it.

Comet EV

It would have been better if the size of its front seat base was more significant and the distance between the driver and the steering wheel was more. The Comet does not have an option for a height-adjustable driver seat or telescopic steering adjustment. So, when I'm adjusting the seats according to the pedals, I find the steering wheel to be a little far and when the steering wheel's distance is adequate, my feet are too close to the pedals. As far as the driving position is concerned, the Comet feels more like driving a van. I wish it were more sound ergonomically and had a bigger seat base.

One positive aspect is that it is easy to park and manoeuvre. Its small size and large windows provide a good view from the driver's seat, making driving it easy. Overall, the Comet is primarily a city car and its performance and range meet that requirement perfectly.

MG Comet EV - Verdict


MG Comet is a small city electric car and it is perfect for using at city speeds and for short distances. According to our driving experience, this car can be your second or third car, perhaps for a new driver in the family or for completing small nearby chores. At Rs. 8.0 lakh, it seems like a good choice for people who want a small but feature-rich car for short, city commutes. Considering its super low running costs, it could even beat some 2-wheelers in that area while offering the convenience and comfort of a car.

Here’s a look at the ex-showroom price for the 2023 MG Comet EV :





Comet EV

Rs. 7.98 lakh


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