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Honda Cars India have revealed the India-spec City e:HEV today. Bookings and test drives for the City hybrid are now open and the prices will be announced in May 2022. The Honda City e:HEV hybrid gets three driving modes that incorporate their own set of propulsion sources. We try to simplify the drive modes and of course, you will get to see a live explanation when we get to drive the new City Hybrid.

2022 Honda City Hybrid

The Honda City e:HEV hybrid offers three driving modes – EV Drive, Hybrid Drive and Engine Drive. Let’s take a look at the EV drive first. It is worth noting that the City e:HEV selects the mode by itself and the driver doesn’t have any direct control over the driving modes.

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2022 City Hybrid

Honda City e:HEV – EV Drive

The EV Drive mode, as the name suggests, is when the City hybrid drives only on battery power. The lithium-ion battery pack placed in the boot channels power to the electric motor. EV Drive mode works only at speeds between 0-40kmph. However, when needed, the engine also assists to deliver more poke and the transition is said to be seamless. Honda has stated that in EV Drive mode, the battery powers the car for more than 80% of the time when driven at speeds up to 40kmph.

Honda City e:HEV – Hybrid Drive

The Hybrid Drive mode in the City e:HEV makes use of both battery power and the internal combustion engine. However, even in hybrid mode, the battery accounts for around 60% of the power output. It is worth noting that the figures shared by Honda are based on internal tests conducted by the manufacturer. The hybrid mode works at speeds between 40kmph and 80kmph. If you up the pace to 120kmph, the engine kicks in to assist the battery.

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Honda City e:HEV – Engine Drive

In Engine Drive mode, the engine accounts for most of the output. However, Honda didn’t reveal the percentage of power from both the engine and the battery. In Engine Drive mode at speeds upward of 120kmph, the City e:HEV works in the hybrid mode most of the time.

The City e:HEV hybrid comes with a claimed fuel efficiency of 26.5kmpl. However, it largely depends on the way you drive it and the mode it is being driven in most of the time.

2022 City hybrid

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