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    All-new Mercedes-Benz EQ S sedan to come in 2020

    by Monalisa Saha on Thursday, Apr 12 2018

    An all-new electric luxury sedan from the house of Mercedes-Benz will be launching in the global market in around 2020, as per the Mercedes-Benz large cars project head Michael Kelz. This new all-electric luxury sedan will be going head-on with the likes of the upcoming all-electric Jaguar XJ and the next generation electric Audi A8.

    However, unlike the Jaguar and Audi models, the new upcoming all-electric Mercedes-Benz sedan will not be an electric version of an existing model in the company’s product portfolio, which would have been the flagship S-class sedan, but will be an entirely new model. This new upcoming model will be based on a new modular architecture called MEA.


    While speaking on the development, Michael Kelz told an English journal that the company will be offering a luxury electric vehicle at the level of the S-class, there is no doubt that. He added by saying that the new electric sedan will not be the S-class. Thus, confirming the new upcoming electric sedan model while also revealing that it will certainly not be the electric avatar of the S-Class.

    The new Mercedes-Benz luxury saloon will be of course coming under the banner of EQ, the recently formed new electric brand of the German luxury behemoth. The new electric sedan will be coming as a part of the expanding electric range of the company which will include several other upcoming models that the company has already showcased in the concept forms, such as the EQ A hatchback and the EQ C SUV models. Apart from the new S-Class comparable electric sedan, which will be coming as the electric flagship sedan model, the German auto giant will also be offering a lesser electric sedan model which will be more comparable to the existing C-Class. Thus, there will be a host of all new luxurious electric car models under the EQ brand that will run parallel to the offerings under the non-electric Mercedes-Benz range. 


    Now, the most interesting part is the naming of the new upcoming electric sedan model. Mercedes-Benz had trademarked a number of vehicle names under its EQ brand last year, which includes the name EQ S. As anyone can guess, the EQ S will be the formal name which will be given to this new upcoming electric sedan. Being the S-Class’ electric counterpart, the model will be named as the EQ S, although Kelz has already confirmed that it will not be an electric variant of the S-Class, but a different all-new car. Kelz added by saying that this new electric sedan will be a luxury top of the range car.

    As the global auto industry is fast moving towards electrification in a bid for a zero-emissions mobility system, Mercedes-Benz is preparing full swing for the future auto industry an getting its battalion of all electric cars ready. Going ahead we should see many more models getting launched under the Mercedes-Benz EQ banner just like all the other luxury auto majors who are busy offering host electric models.



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