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    Atlas Cross Sport Concept Unveiled By Volkswagen At 2018 New York Auto Show

    by Swati Sanchayi on Tuesday, Apr 03 2018

    The German multinational automotive manufacturing company, Volkswagen, has confirmed the plans for a new five-seat variant of the Atlas SUV by unveiling of the arresting Cross Sport concept of the same at the 2018 New York motor show. The new concept by VW closely sneaks a second Atlas model that has been planned to go on sale in the various markets, including the markets of North America and China, in 2019 as part of a global SUV offensive started by the German giant under the title “Moving Forward”.

    Based on the Volkswagen’s MQB (Modularen Querbau – modular transverse architecture) platform, the new Atlas Cross Sport concept is very similar to the ongoing Atlas SUV stylistically, but will have some subtle styling changes that are likely to be featured on the production version which is due for the next year. 

    The new five-seat SUV exhibits a bold grille upfront, featuring full width LED light bands and an illuminated badge that will act as daytime running lamps in order to help underline its width. It also sports a more structured front bumper in comparison to its seven-seat sibling, with the lower section getting a wide central air duct and large outer air ducts with an intersection by matt aluminium highlights.

    On the rear, the Atlas Cross Sport features a contoured bonnet along with prominent wheel arches having 22-inch wheels shoeing with 285/45 tires (tyres). A heavily raked windscreen and structured flanks have been sported as well that have a deeply etched swage line along the deep doors of the SUV.


    The major difference that lies between the two Volkswagen SUV models is evident at the rear where the Atlas Cross Sport gets a more heavily plunging roofline than the outgoing Atlas SUV. It also features a shallower glasshouse and racier C-pillar styling in comparison to its more practical sibling. There is domination by a pair of high set LED tail lamps along with a large tailgate at the rear that features an aerodynamic enhancing spoiler mounted above the rear window and a full width LED light band that intertwines into the rear fenders.

    The Atlas Cross Sport has a length of 4847mm, width of 2030mm and height of 1736mm and is 190mm shorter, 41mm wider and 42mm lower in size than the ongoing Atlas SUV, with which the new SUV model by the German automaker shares its 2980mm wheelbase.

    Sneaking the showcase of the oncoming production version of the Atlas Cross Sport, the concept on motor show in New York also served to present a new plug-in hybrid (PHEV) powertrain that is being developed by Volkswagen as an option to the existing gasoline engines that is currently being offered in the Atlas SUV. The new plug-in hybrid (PHEV) powertrain which is going to be offered by Volkswagen has an atmospheric 3.6-litre V6 gasoline engine that churns out 276bhp and 258lb ft of torque in integration with two electric motors, one of which is fixed at the front producing 57bhp and 162lb ft and the other at the rear delivering 114bhp and 199lb ft.

    The three power sources in the SUV combined together provide the Atlas Cross Sport PHEV with an integrated total output of 355bhp and 494lb ft. The drive to the front wheels is provided by the gasoline (petrol) engine and front electric motor through a six-speed dual-clutch gearbox, while the rear electric motor supplies power to the rear wheels, bestowing the new Volkswagen SUV models with the four-wheel drive capability.


    Volkswagen is offering four modes for the driver to choose; which include an e-mode for all-electric propulsion, a hybrid mode with a combination of the gasoline engine that supports the electric motors, GTE mode offering maximum performance and the Battery Hold mode in which the energy content of the battery maintains a constant level. Seven different driving profiles are also on board that includes on-road with both comfort and eco, off-road driving with rocks, sludge and gravel and a totally separate sport and snow programs.  The curb (kerb) weight figure for the new model has not been revealed yet by Volkswagen. However, the official performance of the new model claims point to a 0-60mph in a time span of 5.4sec along with a limited 130mph top speed.

    The energy that is being utilized in order to power the electric motors in the new SUV by the German giant is stowed in an 18.0kWh lithium-ion battery placed within the floor of the luggage compartment. It is claimed to deliver an all-electric range of up to 26 miles on the EPA test cycle (almost 44 miles on NEDC). The total range, however, is put at 620 miles.

    The New York motor show also witnesses the showcase of a more conventional mild hybrid (HEV) powertrain, which is also set to be offered in the forthcoming production version of the Atlas Cross Sport. The new powertrain by VW relies on the same combustion engine and electric motors which is being used in the Volkswagen’s new plug-in hybrid powertrain, but churns out a lower combined system output of 310bhp and 494lb ft.

    Having no presence of the plug-in capability in its more advanced hybrid sibling, the powertrain also has a significantly smaller lithium-ion battery having a claimed capacity of 2.0kWh; which helps it in delivering a limited all-electric range of 1.5 miles and a total range of 595 miles because with the plug-in hybrid powertrain, the kinetic energy generated during braking and extended periods of coasting are regenerated and stowed in the battery.

    The Atlas Cross Sport is going to be positioned as a more affordable alternative to the likes of the BMW X6 and will be produced alongside the 7-seat Atlas SUV at Chattanooga plant of Volkswagen’s in Tennessee.



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