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Citroen dealers across the country are offering the C3 Aircross Plus mid variant at a discount of up to Rs. 2.62 lakh. However, the discounts are only valid on the MY2023 model and until stocks last.

Citroen C3 Aircross Plus

Citroen Offers And Discounts In June 2024

The French carmaker recently introduced the C3 Aircross Dhoni Edition, which is priced from Rs. 11.82 lakh and limited to 100 units. Apart from the latest special edition, the C3 Aircross is available in 3 broad variants – You, Plus and Max. The MY2024 C3 Aircross You base variant is priced at Rs. 9.99 lakh (ex-showroom). However, you can now get the Plus middle variant of the C3 Aircross from Rs. 1.0 lakh lower than the current base variant. Citroen are offering discounts of up to Rs. 2.62 lakh on the remaining stock of MY2023 units of the C3 Aircross Plus variant.

Here are the current and discounted prices of the C3 Aircross Plus variant:








Rs. 8,99,000


Rs. 2,62,300

Rs. 11,61,300

Plus Dual Tone

Rs. 9,19,000

Rs. 11,81,300

Plus Vibe Pack

Rs. 9,24,000

Rs. 11,86,300

Plus Dual Tone Vibe Pack

Rs. 9,44,000

Rs.  12,06,300


Plus 5+2

Rs. 9,34,000


Rs. 2,62,300

Rs. 11,96,300

Plus Dual Tone 5+2

Rs. 9,54,000

Rs. 12,16,300

Plus Vibe Pack 5+2

Rs. 9,59,000

Rs. 12,21,300

Plus Dual Tone Vibe Pack 5+2

Rs. 9,79,000

Rs. 12,41,300

It’s worth noting that the discounts vary from dealer to dealer as it is based on availability of MY2023 stock. For example, the dealership I contacted in my hometown only had 2 units of the MY2023 Plus variant and both were not available with the 7-seater option or dual-tone exterior colours. However, with the current discounts, the Plus variants of the MY2023 C3 Aircross are cheaper than the base You variant of the MY2023 SUV. Hence, if you’ve been eyeing the C3 Aircross for a while and you can find discounts on the exact spec you are looking for, then there’s no better time than now to sign on the dotted line.

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  1. C Chitta Mallick says:
    July 02 2024 15:42:37

    Pls tell which dealer offers. Dealers having 2023.stock but not offering

  2. C Chitta Mallick says:
    July 02 2024 15:42:41

    Pls tell which dealer offers. Dealers having 2023.stock but not offering

  3. C Chitta Mallick says:
    July 02 2024 15:42:43

    Pls tell which dealer offers. Dealers having 2023.stock but not offering

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