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Kia recently revealed their future EV concepts including the EV3, EV4 and EV5. Among these, the one I personally find most exciting is the EV4 electric sedan. Just as I was starting to wonder if we’d see any developments in the electric sedan space, Kia dropped this news on us and got me excited all over again. I personally find sedans exciting for their traditional 3-box design. To be honest, I’m sick of seeing SUVs everywhere and sedans feel like a breath of fresh air when driving on the road.

Kia EV4 Electric Sedan Concept

Kia EV4 Design - Exterior

Kia EV4

The EV4 is a 4-door sedan but without the 3-box profile that we’ve come to expect from a typical sedan. It brings the aggressive SUV design to a more appealing sedan-like body style. The vertical LED DRLs and tail lamps further accentuate the height of the vehicle more than the length and width. Unlike a sedan, which gets spoilers on the boot lid, the EV4 has two small spoilers on each side of the roof right on top of the rear windshield. Kia call it an ‘entirely new type of EV sedan’.

Kia EV4

Kia EV4 Design - Interior

Kia EV4

Inside, the EV4 has a clean with only a pair of connected screens to do their respective jobs of an instrument cluster and an infotainment system. This being an early stage concept, the steering is not a wheel but an octagon with an off-centre Kia badging. Being an EV, it has the advantage of having no transmission tunnel. Thus, we can see a good amount of space underneath the dashboard for a clean and pleasing appearance.

Kia EV4

What I personally liked about the design is that the EV4 doesn’t get a tonne of screens. It’s unclear if it has touch controls for the AC or if it has a sleek display for infotainment. Regardless, for a futuristic concept, it has a minimalistic digital vibe. Usually, we see concept cars’ interiors flushed with display left right and centre. The recently-revealed Safari and Harrier are an example of this as they have 3 displays. The one with a round display on the centre console doesn’t even add any functionality. It just exists for the sake of it.

Another thing we will notice about the EV4 is that despite being an early stage concept, it has its roots in reality. The EV4 concept has traditional wing mirrors whereas most concept cars show a utopian future with cameras in place of outside mirrors.

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Kia EV4 Range, Battery, Price, Launch

Kia EV4

On the battery front, we expect it to get a 50-60kWh pack for the EV4 when it goes on sale in India sometime in 2025-26. It should offer a range of more than 500km as that figure is soon becoming a baseline in premium electric cars. While a car like the Ioniq 5 offers a 631km range from a 72.6kWh battery pack, the EV4 should manage better efficiency because of its aerodynamic tail. Factoring in the inflation in the next couple of years, we should expect the EV4 to cost around Rs. 40 - 50 lakh (ex-showroom).

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