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According to our sources with knowledge of the matter, Maruti Suzuki have stopped production of the Alto K10 CNG, Celerio CNG and Spresso CNG in March 2024. Among cars with the 1.0L CNG powertrain, only the WagonR 1.0L CNG will remain in production.

3 Maruti 1.0L CNG Cars

The reasons for this pause in production is not confirmed at this moment. However, given that these are all pretty much ready for delivery with the dealers, Maruti are most likely trying to clear out inventory before resuming production. Given the high and sustainable demand for WagonR, the CNG models of the WagonR will remain in production in March 2024 as usual.

The dealers who have these cars in their inventory will accept bookings for these models and powertrain combinations and deliver them as usual. However, if you get a higher than expected delivery timeline for any of these 3 cars from your dealer, it may be because they ran out of the stock or they didn’t have much inventory to begin with.

We currently do not have the updated waiting period details for Maruti Arena and Nexa cars. But we will soon publish that information on our website to help you with your car buying decision making.

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Discounts And Supply-Demand Scales

There’s a close relationship between the discounts you are likely to see on cars and which side of the supply-demand scale is weighed down at the time of your purchase. If the demand is too strong and the supply is weak, then you may have to bend to the dealer’s wishes and you may even have to buy additional accessories and insurance from the dealer. In such times, you can either fight the dealer about the legalities of their action. But if you really want the car, then you’ll have to play by the rules of supply and demand and accept the conditions prevailing at the time.

Meanwhile, if the supply side is heavy and the demand is drying up, you have a strong hand while negotiating. In these situations, you can not only choose to skip the overpriced official accessories and the inflated insurance premiums, but also get fat discounts for freeing up dealer’s capital.

If you can spot these conditions and time your purchase, then the tips in the following article will help you sharpen your negotiation skills and get the best deal possible on your new car purchase: How To Get The Best Discount On Buying New Car (11 Tips)

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