MG Hikes Prices For Hector SUV; bookings reopen

MG Hikes Prices For Hector SUV; bookings reopen

Bookings for the MG Hector have opened again after a temporary halt on taking orders back in July. The British carmaker had already received over 28,000 orders and had stopped taking orders as the entire 2019 stock was booked. The MG Hector’s entire range is now Rs. 30,000 – Rs. 40,000 more expensive than before. Now, the SUV’s price tag ranges from Rs. 12.48 lakh to Rs. 17.28 lakh (prices ex-showroom India).


MG Hector


Here’s a look at the full variant-wise revised price list of the MG Hector:



Previous price

Revised price

Price increase

1.5 Petrol Style MT

Rs. 12.18 lakh

Rs. 12.48 lakh

Rs. 30,000

1.5 Petrol Super MT

Rs. 12.98 lakh

Rs. 13.28 lakh

Rs. 30,000

1.5 Petrol-Hybrid Super MT

Rs. 13.58 lakh

Rs. 13.88 lakh

Rs. 30,000

1.5 Petrol-Hybrid Smart MT

Rs. 14.68 lakh

Rs. 14.98 lakh

Rs. 30,000

1.5 Petrol Smart AT

Rs. 15.28 lakh

Rs. 15.68 lakh

Rs. 40,000

1.5 Petrol-Hybrid Sharp MT

Rs. 15.88 lakh

Rs. 16.28 lakh

Rs. 40,000

1.5 Petrol Sharp AT

Rs. 16.78 lakh

Rs. 17.18 lakh

Rs. 40,000

2.0 Diesel Style MT

Rs. 13.18 lakh

Rs. 13.48 lakh

Rs. 30,000

2.0 Diesel Super MT

Rs. 14.18 lakh

Rs. 14.48 lakh

Rs. 30,000

2.0 Diesel Smart MT

Rs. 15.48 lakh

Rs. 15.88 lakh

Rs. 40,000

2.0 Diesel Sharp MT

Rs. 16.88 lakh

Rs. 17.28 lakh

Rs. 40,000

The MG Hector is the British carmaker’s debutant product in India and the Hector created quite a buzz when it launched. It enters a highly-competitive SUV market where we have plenty of capable rivals. However, overwhelming demand and a capacity crisis at MG’s manufacturing facility in Halol, Gujarat, forced the company to halt bookings, as the waiting period for some of its customers stretched beyond 7 months.

Now that MG Motor India has resumed bookings for the Hector, the company will begin ramping up its production by November of this year. MG India has also announced that from the first round of bookings, 15,000 orders are on its ‘priority waitlist’.

The Hector SUV’s pricing is expected to be revised again by April 2020, once the vehicle gains BS6 compliance. While the petrol variants are expected to get a marginal hike, the diesel engines will become significantly more expensive considering the upgrades they require.

The automaker also plans to launch an electric SUV, the eZS, with around 400km of driving range.

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