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    Next generation Mitsubishi Triton Compact pickup Truck gets Teased

    by Monalisa Saha on Monday, Sep 24 2018


    Japanese auto manufacturer Mitsubishi is very well known for its utility vehicles across the world. The Mitsubishi Triton, which is also known as the L200 is currently in its 5th generation model and was launched in 2014. The Japanese automaker is now believed to be preparing for the launch of the 6th generation model of the same. The company has posted a teaser image of its latest pickup truck model, and it is believed that this new upcoming model is the latest iteration of the Mitsubishi Triton. The teased new pickup truck model seems to be coming endowed with many styling cues that are featured in the new models and concept models from the house of Mitsubishi.

    Mitsubishi Exterior
    Mitsubishi Exterior
    Mitsubishi Exterior

    The released teaser image of the new upcoming Mitsubishi pickup truck model is low-resolution one and comes with poor lighting to make the image more obscure. However, it does offer a good look at the vehicle despite the poor picture quality. The vehicle definitely flaunts Mitsubishi’s signature "Dynamic Shield" front design, and has been lifted straight from the new models like the Outlander Eclipse Cross. As the pickup is a large one, the aggressively styled front fascia looks better on it and it also offers a better proportionate look to the wider vehicle model. To complement the aggressive front fascia, it seems that Mitsubishi has endowed a bold and sharp styling on the entire body of the vehicle. Nevertheless, despite the modern and sharp styling, it is largely a conventionally styled pickup truck model.

    The new generation Mitsubishi Triton pickup truck will be a global model and will be offered for sale in several international markets, especially those markets where the traditional pickup trucks are highly popular and off-road abilities are required in a vehicle. This all new Mitsubishi vehicle will be certainly a body-on-frame pickup model which will come with a part-time selectable four-wheel drive system to offer better traction and off-road capabilities when required. This is the same built that the ongoing Mitsubishi Triton has. It is believed that just like the current generation model, the next generation model will also be getting powered by a turbocharged 4 cylinder diesel model for the various global markets.

    Mitsubishi Exterior
    Mitsubishi Exterior
    Mitsubishi Exterior
    Mitsubishi Exterior

    Being a global model, the next generation Mitsubishi Triton will be launching in various markets, but its chances of launching in the U.S market is very low, as Mitsubishi stopped selling pickup trucks in the U.S back in the 90s. The emission and safety regulation in the U.S will make it very difficult for Mitsubishi to offer this new upcoming model there.

    As far as the Indian car market is concerned, we don’t think the new-gen Triton will be coming to India anytime soon. However, it is not totally impossible for Mitsubishi to launch this new model in India, as the Japanese automaker has again become active in the Indian car market after many years. Pickup trucks do sell well in India, although they are not popular among personal car buyers here. Nevertheless, we do expect that Mitsubishi will be launching several new models in the Indian car market in the coming years.



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