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Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) recently used Nissan's e-4ORCE technology to control a prototype lunar rover's propulsion tech. This technology enabled the prototype rover to traverse extreme conditions, such as the rugged, volcanic landscape of Miyakejima, a Japanese volcanic island, which has sand similar to the Moon's regolith. Nissan's X-Trail has played a significant role in this development, as its powerful performance brings comfort and confidence to the driver, even on tough and rough terrains similar to those on the Moon's surface.

Nissan X-Trail

The e-4ORCE technology controls front and rear drive force and left and right braking, enabling precise cornering and reduced steering correction even on tough roads. This technology can control the motor down to 1/10,000 of a second, making driving in rough terrain easier. In addition, the second-gen e-POWER with a VC turbo engine lowers the RPMs and the frequency of the engine starts, making the cabin much quieter by cancelling engine noise with an opposite soundwave.

Nissan X-Trail

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Nissan's research in this field applies the motor control technology they have developed through the production of mass-market electric vehicles such as the Leaf as well as the e-4ORCE 4-wheel drive of the Ariya electric crossover. This technology is essential for lunar rovers to traverse the moon's powdery, rocky and undulating terrain and be energy efficient. Energy sources for operating vehicles in space are limited, and Nissan's research addresses this concern.

Nissan X-Trail

While the X-Trail is available in India, this development and official communication showcases Nissan's intentions of bringing the X-Trail to the Indian market. The use of Nissan's e-4ORCE technology in space exploration has implications for the future of electric vehicles, making it an exciting development for the Indian and international auto industry as a whole.

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