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    Revealed: Volkswagen Polo RX

    by Swati Sanchayi on Friday, Mar 15 2019

    The Volkswagen Polo RX, likewise named as the 'Winter Project' vehicle is made to observe Volkswagen Motorsport India's tenth commemoration and has a back motor with back wheel drive, made just for track use. As a piece of Volkswagen Motorsport India's tenth commemoration, which is a piece of Volkswagen India gathering, they have uncovered an extraordinarily charged Winter Project vehicle. While the vehicle has the outside of a Volkswagen Polo, it has been grown totally by the industrial facility group engineers and the professionals in India. This Polo anyway is a coincidental form and can be leased by anybody for track days. The Polo RX, as referenced conveys its motor at the back and has a back wheel drive. The motor controlling the Polo RX is a similar motor that controls the Volkswagen Ameo Cup vehicle. Shockingly, the group worked amid their 'winter' break and that is the manner by which the vehicle was initiated as the Polo Winter Project track vehicle.

    Volkswagen Motorsport in India has developed by a few creases over the most recent nine years. From utilizing created vehicles from Germany to looking into and creating autos in India sans preparation. They state that they settled on the Winter Project vehicle as it was something novel and totally out of the case. Shockingly, the vehicle does not adjust to any guidelines, which makes it an ideal track machine.


    At the core of the Polo RX is the 1.8- liter direct infusion turbocharged motor, same as the one utilized in the Volkswagen Ameo container. The motor dishes out around 205 bhp of intensity at 6100 rpm and has a most extreme torque yield of 320 Nm. The motor is mated to a successive gearbox and it gets paddle shifters. The principle challenge anyway was to update the total drivetrain for the Polo RX. As the motor was to be fitted in the back, the group of specialists needed to discover an answer for it. They made the correct mounts for the motor at the back alongside the gearbox and suspension mounts.

    The intercooler of the turbocharged engine is set underneath the back seat. Uncommon air vents have likewise been intended to guide the wind current to the motor which presently sits at the back. Furthermore the fuel and cooling framework lines must be dealt with. The fuel tank was moved to the front as the intercooler had taken the fuel- tank's space as of now. The group purportedly invested a mess of energy taking a shot at the wiring and re- steering the frameworks incorporation. The suspension has likewise been chipped away at to suit the attributes of the vehicle just as the driver inclination.


    Talking about the improvement of the Volkswagen Polo RX Winter Project vehicle, an organization official remarked saying that they are exceptionally energized and glad for the group of youthful skilled architects and professionals who pulled this task off in spite of not having the entrance to top of the line programming and innovation. The group finished the undertaking in only three weeks which requires adulation. A back motor vehicle is diverse in the execution division when contrasted with front wheel-drive race autos. The back wheel drive totally changes the elements of the vehicle and makes the directing information sources keener, giving the front wheels more opportunity to turn and improving the execution as it were.

    The Volkswagen Polo RX Winter Project vehicle can't partake in any focused occasions for the time being nevertheless the Volkswagen India group can suit the vehicle for guidelines crosswise over different segments of motorsports like encouraging, circuit dashing or autocross. Stay tuned to for further updates on the upcoming Volkswagen Polo RX.




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