Toyota Rumion Pros & Cons

Check out pros and cons about the Toyota Rumion that are worth highlighting for a potential buyer. Here are some of the highlights of the benefits of buying the Toyota Rumion. We'll also list out the Rumion drawbacks to help you make an informed buying decision.

Rumion Advantanges
  • Decent Ground Clearance Of 180mm

    Despite having an MPV and equipped with small 15-inch wheels, the Rumion manages to offer 180mm of ground clearance, which is commendable for a vehicle of its class.

  • Toyota’s Credibility For Offering Hassle-free Ownership And Service Experience

    While the 1.5L petrol engine from Maruti Suzuki has already proved its mettle, owners of the Rumion further get the safety net of Toyota’s record of offering hassle-free service and ownership experience.

  • Impressive Fuel Efficiency

    The Rumion comes with a 1.5L normal petrol engine that offers an impressive fuel efficiency of 20.51kmpl with the 5-speed manual and 20.11kmpl with the 6-speed automatic transmission. Additionally, its CNG powertrain offers a claimed fuel efficiency of 26.11kmpkg.

  • 3 Powertrain Choices

    The Rumion offers a choice of 3 powertrain options — 1.5L petrol manual, 1.5L petrol automatic and 1.5L petrol-CNG. All 3 powertrains already serve a range of Maruti Suzuki offerings and have a great track record of offering a hassle-free ownership experience.

  • Top-Notch Survivability Score In Global NCAP

    In the test conducted as per the older GNCAP testing protocol, the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga offered a great survivability score to its occupants, meeting the safety offered by 5-star rated cars like the Tata Nexon and Mahindra XUV300. Since the Rumion is essentially a rebranded Ertiga, it is likely to offer the same safety net to its passengers.

Rumion Disadvantanges
  • No Diesel Engine Or Modern Automatic Option

    While the Rumion offers 3 powertrain options, it doesn’t include an efficient diesel engine, which its rivals like the Kia Carens and Mahindra Marazzo offer. Furthermore, the Rumion also lacks a modern automatic transmission option like a DCT or a more-efficient CVT.

  • Non-Removable 3rd-row Seats

    While removable 3rd-row seats are not a feature we thought we needed, the Triber increased our expectations. After seeing the practicality and boot space improvements this feature offers in 2-row mode, we were impressed. Because of the removable 3rd-row seats, the smaller Triber manages to beat the significantly larger Rumion in 2-row boot space. The Rumion has a 550-litre boot space with the 3rd-row seats folded down. Meanwhile, the Triber offers 625 litres of storage with the 3rd row out of the way.

  • A Few Missing Features

    The Rumion lacks a couple of features that include curtain airbags, tyre pressure monitoring system, 360-degree parking camera, 16-inch alloy wheels and LED headlights.

  • CNG And Automatic Not Available With G Variant

    Toyota do not offer the CNG and petrol automatic powertrain options with the G variant of the Rumion. Based on our calculations, the Rumion G variant offers the best value for money across all the variants of the MPV. Since Maruti Suzuki offer both CNG and petrol automatic options with the G-equivalent ZXI variant of the Ertiga, it makes more sense to go with the Ertiga instead.

  • Lack Of Design Distinction From Ertiga Leaves Cab Image Intact

    Just a quick glance would be enough to understand that Toyota haven’t done a great job in differentiating the Rumion from the Ertiga. Hence, it continues to carry the cab image which we associate with the Ertiga.

  • 5-Speed Manual Transmission Not Highway-Friendly

    The Rumion comes with a 5-speed manual transmission that performs city duties flawlessly. However, the engine tends to struggle and sits at a higher RPM when cruising on the highways, which also impedes its overall fuel efficiency. We think Maruti Suzuki should introduce a 6-speed manual transmission option for the 1.5L normal petrol engine.

  • Smaller Service Network Coverage Than Maruti Suzuki

    Since Toyota have a smaller network of service centres compared to Maruti Suzuki, it makes more sense to go with the Ertiga, especially when you live in a tier-2 or tier-3 city. Both the Rumion and Ertiga are exactly the same in terms of mechanicals. Furthermore, the Rumion is also likely to have a higher cost of spares and annual service cost.

  • Considerably More Expensive Than The Ertiga

    Depending on the variant you pick, Toyota would charge anywhere between Rs. 51,000 and Rs. 61,000 for the Rumion over the comparable variants of the Ertiga. For the extra premium, the Rumion only offers minor design distinctions on the outside and a better standard warranty package. The benefits are not enough to justify the considerably large premium Toyota charge over the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga.

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